How to Study Law: 5 Simple and Quick Tips for Law Students

Needless to say, the university gives you the best days of your life. But, with the best days of your university time, there come days that are full of hardships and moments of stress. A law degree is one such degree that brings lots of challenges and stress but most importantly, Studying law brings newer experiences as well!

Studying law can be a little overwhelming for students, considering that a degree requires a high level of recall and lots of hard work to meet never-ending deadlines. But, as the quote rightly says, always remember that you’ve got the ability to do it, and you will feel confident that you have reached almost halfway through your journey.

For making everything easier and flexible for you while you are on your road to accomplishing a law degree, here are some tips for studying law; hence read on!

Studying Law Tips: Study Guidance for Aspiring Lawyers 

Consider Your Workload from Start

Before any other advice, the most valuable tip for law students will be to be aware of their curriculum from the start. Pursuing LLB isn’t a walk in the park. The LLB degree is a highly comprehensive and complex one, and so you will require to study well in advance and manage your workload ahead of examinations.

In the initial weeks of the programme, students are given the course plan by the university. So, use it to your advantage and mark important dates like exams and project presentations date from the beginning itself. Study well and go through the pre-reads before the lecture, and you will surely get through the degree flawlessly.

Create Your Study Plan 

As a law student, when you already lack time and struggle to maintain your personal life, study regularly & meet deadlines, then creating a study plan is your ultimate option. You need to make efficient use of your time to accomplish your daily objectives. Learn to stay on top of your study plan, and you will never stay behind in your study routine.

Whatsoever it is – preparing outlines, giving practice exams, attending regular sessions or completing projects or assignments, you will have to make a plan ahead of your week. Manage your law studies efficiently, and you won’t miss your sleep nor your social life.

Participate in Lectures and Activities

You learn when you attend classes – but when you engage in class discussion, you expand your horizons, open your new mind to newer perspectives and stay more involved in the learning process. Besides, you can also participate in co-curricular activities that several colleges organize.

Educational institutes like Marwadi University make it possible for students to participate in moot court competitions, set up camps for providing legal understanding to the underprivileged, extension activities etc. Such activities assist students in advancing their knowledge and in grasping how they will be working as lawyers in the real world.

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Develop a Habit of Taking Notes

Preparing notes does not mean that you should write everything the lecturer says. Write a summary and analysis of the topics discussed in the class, as it will enhance your understanding of the topic of study. Developing a regular habit of taking notes will help you recall topics and their understanding better at exam time.

Also, it will be good to view your class notes before the next class and before going through the pre-read of the next class to ensure a better understanding of the topic. Make sure you don’t miss concentrating on the class discussion while being so engaged in taking notes.

Use Flashcards for Studying

Using flashcards is an excellent law school study technique that helps students remembers extensive information. Studies suggest that self-testing is the best approach to learn and remember. So, using flashcards to study and memorize keywords will prove to be effective as it will help you figure out clearly what topics you know and what you need to work on.

Flashcards are a lighter yet efficient law school study technique to adapt as they promote studying law through active recall. It is suggested to prepare your flashcards with a mix of drawing and sentences, which will make it tougher to forget topics. Flashcards remain hugely followed for the understanding of complex areas of study.

Indeed, the stress one gets at university while studying law can be terrifying. But by putting in some exceptional amount of work & adopting these tips, you will surely make a mark!

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