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How to Stop Buffering issue on Firestick – Best Solutions

Firestick is primarily a streaming stick. From Amazon’s prime service, Netflix, Hulu and HBO now there is no shortage of multimedia we can watch on a fire stick. Fire stick is a compact portable device, no bigger than a flash drive. Despite its size, fire sticks are an influential source. We can use many multimedia applications like games on the Fire stick. We can enjoy the best video streaming experience and it also gives us the best gaming experience too.

Sometimes while streaming videos we will be disturbed by the buffering. It may sometimes be irritating. Fire stick downloads the video in storage before streaming, and then plays it. It is called a buffer. Sometimes the files reach the bottle neck. At that time the buffering will occur.

Reasons For Buffering

Low connection or disturbed connection of the internet is the most common cause of the buffering in the Fire stick. Some other devices in your house may be connected to the same wi-fi connection or you may have some interference like thick walls with your Wi-Fi router.

Your Fire stick may have an application running in the background, it also sometimes causes a buffer because the Fire stick is not a powerhouse. Outdated operating system also causes a buffer. We can salvage the streaming quality with some aids. Techthanos is a similar article where you can find the detailed solutions.

How to Stop Buffering Issue on Firestick?

Once we find the spring we can easily make a path to flow it down. There are several ways to stop buffering issue. 

1. Reboot the Device

Rebooting will shut down the device and restart it.  It can resolve many problems including buffering.

  1. Go to the home screen and click on Settings.
  2. Select My FireTV, and click on Restart.

2. Improve Wi-Fi Connection

First you have to check your Wi-Fi connection strength. 

  1. Go to the Settings and click on Network.
  2. Now highlight the Wi-Fi connection you are currently connected. You will be shown the connection strength.

If it is slow, take steps to improve your Wi-Fi connection.

3. Turn off the Background Application

Background running applications may slow down the streaming process. So,

  1. Go to the Home Screen and click on the Settings.
  2. Now select Manage installed application, select the application you desire to turnoff. 
  3. Now either Uninstall or Force stop the application.

4. Clear the caches and data

There is a temporary storage for each app on Fire stick. Sometimes some app store too much and it causes some dysfunctions like buffering. Clearing the caches help you to salvage the functionality.

  1. Go to the Settings and select applications. 
  2. Select Manage installed applications.
  3. Check on the storage of each Application and select the app which takes too much space.
  4. Click the Clear data or Clear cache if necessary.

Some other ways

Having the Fire stick in the up to date version, ensuring the device stays cool and sometimes trying the low video quality are also ways to avoid the buffering while you are watching your favorite movies or series or any video content. 

Winding up

Buffering is inevitable, because we always never notice the above told causing factors. But it can be easily solved as we told you about Stop Buffering Issue. It is not a big issue, so no worries. We hope this article shown you what you have surfed for.

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