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How to Properly Care for Roller Blinds?

You made the right choice when you bought your roller blinds because they have excellent properties and can easily serve your home. Roller blinds are very convenient to use and even to care for. Surprisingly, these curtains are very practical in caring for them. Caring for roller blinds is a small opportunity to preserve their appearance and extend their service life. It is difficult to call this a requirement, but rather an opportunity. After all, roller blinds have excellent care possibilities, and why not use them. Still not aware of their unique grooming capabilities? Our Professionals will tell you now!


How to Care for Roller Blinds?

Roller blinds, like any other surface, tend to get dirty. Even if you don’t see any special spots or discolouration, trust us, they get dirty over time. Do not forget that they serve on windows from where dust and dirt constantly fly, therefore it is necessary to take care of roller blinds not only during curtain and blinds cleaning but also simple ones.

Roller blinds can be cleaned using a damp cloth and vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner will collect all unwanted dust and dirt, and also freshen the roller blinds a little. They tend to get clogged with dirt, which is not at all useful for their service and even affects the quality. When unfolded, you can collect dust from them with a vacuum cleaner.

It is important that the vacuum cleaner does not operate at full capacity or that the opening on the handle is open to reducing the pulling force. Then you will not damage the roller blinds, especially when they are made of hard materials!

If there are special nozzles for the vacuum cleaner for cleaning sofas or furniture, you can also use them. They will perfectly pull out all the dirt and punch holes in the curtains. Roller blinds offer the possibility of vacuum cleaning, so their care is much easier.

After cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, you can clean your roller blinds with a damp cloth. Then you will not only wipe off the dust but remove its remnants from the roller blinds. Depending on the type of fabric on roller blinds, you need to select how damp the rag will be. How to care for fabric roller blinds? Yes, everything is the same, do not worry, with proper care for them, nothing will harm their structure.

You can also take care of the systems of fastening and control of curtains. They sometimes also require cleaning, but you will not need more than a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth. Removing dirt from roller blind control systems is sometimes a very necessary task to extend their service life.

So, when you do the usual cleaning in all rooms of the room with a vacuum cleaner, pay attention to roller blinds, even if they do not visually look dirty. Vacuum gently over the unfolded curtain using the special furniture nozzle. This will remove even invisible dust particles from the surface. In the first year after purchasing your roller blind, it is highly discouraged to wash it, as you can wash off the special dust-repellent layer. If you notice insignificant fine pollution on the surface of the curtain, then it can be easily eliminated using a regular eraser, which is sold in any stationery and is present in any student’s pencil case.

If you want to refresh the fabric of roller blinds and think that vacuuming is not enough, you can use a steam cleaner or a damp cloth, and, of course, without the use of chemicals. It is also a good option to remove the fabric if the design of the curtain itself provides for this, and then take it to the bathroom and quickly rinse it with a shower. Dry the curtain on a flat, horizontal surface so that it does not stretch.

All of these options are good if there is no significant contamination on the curtain. But, if your roller blind for some reason is very dirty, then a vacuum cleaner or wiping with a damp cloth will not help it. In this case, the best option would be to clean the fabric with gentle cleaning agents and stain removers. The only and obligatory condition is that all of them should in no case contain chlorine. Using them, do not rub the contaminated area: apply the product according to the instructions and after the specified time, carefully remove it.

How to Wash Roller Blinds?

A very popular question, because sometimes there is a desire to wash roller blinds or even wash them. Here you need to look at the structure of the roller blinds themselves, if they are easily disassembled, then you can wash them even in a washing machine, and if not, then manually and very carefully. Roller blinds can be washed without any worries. But for complete safety, we recommend that you consult with the sellers from whom you took roller blinds for your home.

Caring for fabric roller blinds is very simple because they:

  • Very resistant to damage
  • Easy to wash
  • They rarely absorb water, and therefore do not dry for a long time
  • When leaving, they do not wash, the design remains springy

Don’t worry if you decide to take care of your roller blinds. They are no more demanding than ordinary curtains, and in most cases even more comfortable. It is a pleasure to take care of roller blinds, and this is another plus for the practicality of these curtains. You can wash, wash, vacuum roller blinds without a single doubt because they are designed to serve beautifully and conveniently!

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