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How to Obtain a Mainland Coworking License in Dubai?

The tall sky-kissing iconic buildings and blaze of long trails of bright lights that you see in big cities of the United Arab Emirates might give an impression (UAE) that it is mainly dominated by big corporations and most prominent global businesses and wealthy people. However, it is undoubtedly true that UAE is home to many of the world’s largest and most prestigious companies; it is also the most preferred destination for increasing new entrepreneurs, SMEs, and startups. The reason is the ease of doing business and many investor-friendly opportunities that’s why many companies and entrepreneurs are looking for a business setup in Dubai Mainland for the commencement of their business.

How is Coworking License Beneficial?

The coworking license provides you with excellent opportunities to operate without any problem.

If you have a mainland coworking license in Dubai, it will permit you the easiest and cost-effective solution to set up a mainland business in the UAE. Moreover, you can also trade from the UAE mainland without having any permanent bases. You will be eligible to use any of the UAE’s many coworking spaces. It will give you access to the much more significant part of the UAE marketplace without putting the burden of high expenses.

Dubai Co-Working Space License in Mainland

The mainland coworking license issued by the Department of Economics and Development (DED) in Dubai is the most affordable ones in the UAE.

It is uniquely designed to accommodate you with the benefit of a Dubai Mainland setup and coworking facilities in Dubai, allowing you the flexibility to conduct business throughout the UAE and the accessibility to a vibrant coworking community in Dubai.

Advantages of Co-Working Space License in the UAE

Coworking spaces in UAE are fast becoming popular all over the world. More and more independent professionals, freelancers, new entrepreneurs and startups are moving to coworking office space for the production environment and convenience.

Here, we will discuss a few reasons that are turning people into coworking environments:

  1. Productive Environment

Coworking spaces provide a perfect environment and are more like a mix of a corporate office and the simple setup of your home or the local cafe, where you often meet with your clients or business partners. Not very formal, and you won’t find too many things to get distracted. The people-friendly atmosphere helps in increasing the productivity of professionals.

  1. Networking

Coworking spaces allow you enough space to work in silence, and at the same time, you are surrounded by a good number of talented people, so you are not alone. As an independent professional, freelancer or solo entrepreneur, working from home or in an office with nobody around, you may feel isolated and cut off from the rest of the working community. At coworking offices, you find like-minded people to interact with, which is most of the time advantageous to your business.

  1. Flexible

Coworking offices provide an ample amount of flexibility. You can choose to make your own schedules at your convenience. You can decide your time, whenever you want to use the space or skip if you are going to give it a miss some days of the month. And, you will have to pay only for what you use. Moreover, if you plan to expand or cut your team size, you have the option for every kind of requirement.

  1. Cost-Effective

A coworking license enables you to operate from prime office locations with premium facilities without bearing much burden of high cost. You need not worry about utility bills or other expenses. You will just need to come with your laptop, plugin and start working; the rest are well taken care of.

  1. Less Isolation

Coworking offices are a perfect choice for a startup, budding entrepreneur, freelancers and independent professionals. They do not allow you to work in isolation, which is good for your mental health too. Working alone can be frustrating at some point; it can be challenging too when struggling to find like-minded people around for knowledge sharing and support. Working in a coworking or shared space allows you to be a part of a community.

The Process to Apply for Mainland Coworking License in Dubai

Here is all you will need to do:

  • Choose your business activity. Your license should state every business activity that you intend to engage in. If you fail and carry out unlicensed activities, you will attract penalties and even revocation of your license.
  • Choose a business name. Follow the standards and guidelines of the UAE government for this.
  • Obtain initial approval from the concerned bodies and authorities
  • Sign the MoA or Local Service Agent Agreement
  • Apply for your immigration file

Obtain Your Visa

Applying for a Mainland coworking license in Dubai (UAE) is simple. However, if you find it confusing, you can hire a coworking licence consultant or agent in Dubai to avoid errors or delays.

You will find several business setup consultants in Dubai offering licensing services. You can take their help for a hassle-free service.

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