How to get a professional license in Dubai

The attractive tax system of Dubai is the reason that makes it a perfect place for any businessman to set up but whoever wants to offer service-oriented activity is required to have a professional license. Dubai offers three different kinds of licenses according to different business types.

  • A commercial license is issued to those companies who are involved in trading activities.
  • Industrial license is issued to those companies who are engaged in manufacturing activities.
  • Professional license is provided to those who are service providers, artisans, or craftsmen.

Here we will discuss the procedure of getting a professional license. As said above it is issued to those individuals or companies who practice a profession that is based on talent and intellectual abilities.

Documents Required to Get a Professional License In Dubai

  • The main requirement is the filled application to get a trade license.
  • The next requirement is the copies of the passports of the owners or the partners.
  • Copy of local partners’ naturalization book that is called jinsiya.
  • Also, a no-objection certificate from the sponsors for the foreign partners is required.
  • A copy of a visit visa, tourist visa, or transit visa has to be submitted by foreign partners.
  • Depending upon the type of activity that needs to be undertaken, initial approval from the relevant authorities is necessary.

Important Points to Attain a Professional Trade License In Dubai For Company Setup

  1. Documentation for professional trade license

To push the process, forward the initial requirement is ascertaining that you have all the necessary documents. Completed forms, passport copies, UID number, NOC, and other permissions from the authorities.

  1. Department of economic development

To get a professional trade license in Dubai, it is required to approach the department of economic development that is DED in Dubai. A certain sum of amount as fee and security deposit will be charged by the DED that may be required under any circumstances. Some things like the BR1 form, name reservation certificate, EJARI registration certificate, and tenancy contract are required to be submitted to the DED.

  1. Flexible ownership

The most enthralling part of obtaining a trade license for a company setup in Dubai is that it provides the liberty of being the sole owner of the company. It provides the opportunity to have 100% ownership of the business. This is not possible under tourism, industrial, trading, or other licenses. To proceed with all the judicial departments, you need to hire a local agent.

  1. Payment for the work

Generally, the cost of getting the professional trade license is around AED 10310 which includes professional license fees, trade name fees, service agent fees, administrative service fees, market fees, local fees, and government cultural fees. The payment is to be made at the counter and a payment voucher will be issued at the same time.

Professional Trade License Is Exclusively Available Only to The Following

The trade license is provided to accounting and audit companies, healthcare, and medical services, information technology services, institutes, and educational firms, management consultancy, legal organization and advertising and marketing firms, etc.

Procedure To Attain a Professional License In Dubai

Step 1: Firstly, fill the local service agreement form through a local translator. Now get the form attested from a public notary service.

Step 2: if the agreement is in Arabic, then a legal translator seal is not required.

Step 3: a memorandum of association that is an MOA is to be made with the sponsor.

Step 4: sponsors’ early fee is to be mentioned in the agreement.

Step 5: one more application form needs to get filled and attested if the license is being drawn for a civil company.

Step 6: all the partners and the owners have to sign the court agreement and attend the notary.

Step7: for the tenancy contracts get approval from the municipality.

Step 8: Next step is to submit all the forms. Make sure that each form is attested and one original copy of each is attached.

Step 9: it is required to submit the passport copies of the owner and the partners. also, NOC for expatriate owners and partners should be submitted at the branch of the DED.

Step 10: the last step is to make the payment at the counter to get the license, and the payment voucher will be issued spontaneously for the company setup.

Benefits Of Having a Professional License

  • Cost-Effective– it is a conventional perception that setting up a mainland business in Dubai costs are very high. However, in reality, the costs reasonable and comparable.
  • 100% Foreign Ownership– even if the company setup is done with many partners and a large workforce the ownership is 100%. The overall thumb of the rule is with one person.
  • Flexible Market– it provides a flexible market because there are very low barriers to entry which is there is certainly another license attainment. So, trading becomes easy.
  • Wide Range of Activities– getting a professional license includes a wide range of activities and a wider scope.
  • No Additional Income Tax or Corporate Tax on Your Profit– this is the sole reason why business is growing in Dubai. No additional tax payment is required and thus more income is saved.
  • Protected Business Engagements With DED: With a license obtained from the government entity, Department of Economic Development (DED), it is possible to operate business in the mainland of Dubai.

Dubai as one of the fastest growing cities is becoming a hub for business setups and so a license is issued to those who possess the ability to set up companies having artistic abilities. The procedure to attain the license is not any hard stone to turn. Apart from that having a license could serve you a lot of benefits.

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