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How to generate a lead on Facebook 2021

Social networks are part of the set of strategies used in the first stage of Inbound Marketing: attraction. However, in this article, you will find out how they can be relevant to other phases like conversion. Here we will see, after all, how to generate a lead on Facebook.

By following these two premises, your company will be able to use the largest social network in the world to gain a greater volume of leads for the continuation of its strategies.

How to generate a lead on Facebook using Leads Ads

Facebook Ads has created an adoption that aims to generate leads: Facebook Leads Ads.

Through this tool, you will capture leads without the user having to leave the social network. This is advantageous because it offers a good user experience and increases the conversion rate. 

Result? A more robust lead base.

You can create a Facebook Leads Ads campaign for mobile devices or PC, which expands your possibilities and chances of capturing the ideal contacts.

Like other Facebook Ads campaigns, you must also target the profile of the audience you want to reach.

You can run a Lead generation campaign that takes the user to an external page, such as a landing page. But remember! If this campaign aims to reach mobile users, it may be more interesting to keep them on Facebook than to run the risk of offering a slow to load page or that is not responsive.

To use this Facebook functionality, follow the steps:

  • access the Facebook ad platform;
  • Click on “Campaign”;
  • select the objective “Registration Generation”;
  • configure the ad set for Leads and Click the link;
  • create the form (there are some pre-defined options or build one from scratch). 

Tips to minimize the cost of lead generation campaigns

Now that you know how to generate a lead on Facebook Lead Ads, it’s time to move on to good practice tips to improve your results.

Before, however, you must know that it is possible to generate a lead through Facebook without investing in ads. One way to do this is to create a post, insert a link to a page with a form and publish the content.

With these two ways to generate a lead on Facebook, we move on to tips on optimizing your campaigns for better returns.

Correct targeting

Whether in paid or organic campaigns, you must target your publication.

This segmentation must be carried out in the construction of the public profile that will be reached by your ad and also in the creation of the offer that will be presented to them.

It is crucial that you know your business’s personas and considers the different sales funnel steps to attract leads in line with your strategy.

One way to attract leads at different stages of the buying journey is to make more than one paid campaign with other offers, each aimed at a segment of your personas.

Attractive Offer

When you know who your company’s personas are, plan what killer offer you’re going to offer.

It is essential to know your audience to understand what they need and an impactful value proposition.

The offer must be exciting and accessible. This combination will increase your click and conversion rate.

Production of relevant content 

The production of relevant content must be in everything, from the post made on Facebook, the ad’s image, to the offer of value that is being presented.

If you are offering an ebook in exchange for a user’s data, ensure that that ebook responds to the customer’s pain.

When designing your material, remember the options and formats that are at your disposal, among them:

  • infographic;
  • ebook;
  • whitepaper;
  • webinar and more.  

Track the results

Tracking the results of your campaigns is essential for your company to optimize ads, content and offers.

Digital platforms allow live monitoring of the results of your campaigns. If something is not in line with what you planned, you can pause the campaign and optimize it. So you do not lose money on actions that do not bring leads or customers.

Next steps after lead capture

Now that you know how to generate a lead on Facebook, what are the next steps?

Next? Yes, or do you want to capture leads just for fun?

Within an Inbound Marketing strategy, capturing leads is just the beginning. You still have to worry about:

  • relationship;
  • sale;
  • loyalty. 

Using marketing automation software is essential for the following steps to be performed correctly, bringing customers into your business.

Marketing automation systems allow you to manage leads and turn them into customers.

A lahar is an automation tool that provides features to attract, nurture and convert leads into customers. That is why she is an essential partner if you want, in addition to generating leads through Facebook, turning these leads into customers. Among the features that will add to your work are:

  • keyword panel for SEO and content marketing;
  • creation of landing pages and forms;
  • automation of email marketing flow ;
  • performing an AB test;
  • marketing automation;
  • Lead Tracking;
  • Lead Scoring for lead qualification;
  • reports and more.


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