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How to Find a Reliable Yoga Instructor?

Has it ever occurred to you what would happen if your yoga teacher is not reliable enough? That is going to put all your efforts and hard work into vain. So, what should you do so that you never face a situation like this? Well, the simplest trick is to find a reliable yoga instructor. However, it is not as easy as it may sound.

You have to go through a little research to find the best yoga instructor as per your needs. Here are some of the easiest things you should do to ensure you find the right yoga instructor. Go through these before finalizing any yoga teacher. Read on.

Basic Steps to Find the Best Yoga Instructor

Yoga Certification

Credentials play a vital role in dictating whether a person is qualified or not. Similarly, the yoga certificate of a yoga instructor signifies his or her value. Therefore, when you think about hiring or practicing yoga with someone, check whether they are certified or not.

Ideally, you should check whether he or she is the Yoga Alliance registered or not. However, that totally depends on your personal preference whether you are satisfied with any other certification or not. So, this should be your first step when looking for a reliable yoga instructor.


Call it behavior or attitude, it plays a major role in how great a yoga instructor is. What you can do is participate in his or her one or two classes. This might give you a rough idea of whether he or she is the right person for you and your yoga practice.

Moreover, you’ll get a view of how they behave when someone asks them questions. Further, how a yoga instructor responds to such questions, no matter how silly the questions are, will help you know about their nature as a yoga instructor. After all, you need a yoga instructor for your yoga practice. So, it is important to learn about him or her in great detail.

Check Knowledge

The easiest way to check whether a person knows about something is to ask them questions. What you can do is to ask questions you already have answers to. Then, you can relate the answers to know whether the person has given any genuine piece of advice or not.

Moreover, attend their few classes and focus on what they preach. This might help you know about their mental construct. Yoga is a vast field that needs plenty of time to master. So, you should devote more time to find the best yoga instructor if you want to have the best yoga journey.

Style of Yoga

Another crucial point you should know about is the style of yoga your selected yoga teacher teach. You should choose a person who teaches what you want to learn. Make sure you keep the goal in mind while selecting or searching for a yoga teacher.

Do not choose a yoga teacher just because you like what he or she presents before you. Rather, look for the one that closely aligns with the goal or aim you have in your mind. Once you are satisfied with what or how he or she teaches, you can finalize the person.

Interpersonal Skills

Communication skills are a very important quality of a yoga teachers. It is also important for you if you want to become a yoga instructor. Moreover, don’t you want to converse freely with your yoga instructor inside and outside the class?

Thus, check out the interpersonal skills your selected yoga instructor possess. Furthermore, if possible, have a conversation to know about his or her thinking pattern. This gives you an estimate of whether you will resonate with that person or not.


Being authentic or genuine seems like a rarity in this world. Make sure you don’t choose a yoga teacher who copies or imitates others. He or she should have his or her own method or style of teaching. It keeps your yoga training unique, refreshing, and always growing positively.


Yoga instructor helps you learn new things in an easy manner. They have experience and knowledge that you can utilize to achieve greater heights in your career. That is why you should be spending the majority of your time looking for the best yoga instructors. It ensures you learn genuine yoga so that you can become a true yoga instructor.

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