How to Clean Turquoise Jewelry?

How about wearing a stone that is recognized diversely around the globe for its distinctive features. From ancient times, it has been appreciated for its versatility and shades to complement any attire quickly. Well, Turquoise jewelry comes in the alluring hues of blue and green, with each piece created in a unique way.

Since this semi-precious variety is a naturally extracted creation that is sensitive and requires considerable attention. And with the growing interest of jewelry admirers comes the responsibility of protecting this stone well. Even to attain the maximum flow of energies, you need to be aware of its hygiene.

Here are some natural and easy tips to ensure the optimum healing and beauty of your turquoise gemstone:

Avoid Chemical Usage 

Why opt for harsh backups when simple water and toothbrush can make a difference in its cleanliness? Make sure that you’re avoiding any contact with harsh chemicals and acids, as they can damage your favorite turquoise bracelet.

Clean Turquoise with Baking Soda 

Cleaning your Turquoise jewelry with baking soda is one of the easiest yet quick ways to get the shine back. All you have to do is to place the aluminum foil in a bowl and put a sheet there. Afterward, you have to get the mixture of one tablespoon baking soda in hot water. And leave your turquoise jewelry for an hour in the bowl. Then take it out gently and pat it dry with a soft cloth. This process will be cost-effective and easy for any busy individual.

Silver Polish Would Be Great 

You might’ve often felt the need to clean your sterling silver turquoise rings with something appropriate. But certain outside cleaners can harm its appearance. Therefore, it’s suitable to use the light polish, which is available in any nearby store.

Lemon Can Squeeze Out Its Dirt 

Another great homemade remedy is the usage of lemon, which guarantees the best results. Take a lemon and olive oil and whisk them for like ten minutes. Then simply dip your cloth inside the mixture and clean the entire silver area of your jewelry from that cloth. But do this process delicately to avoid any damage. This process will assure the luster of your metal, say, 925 sterling silver, along with stone embedded in it.

Lotions Are Unsafe 

The contact of lotion is never preferable when you’re wearing the turquoise bracelet of rings. As the chemicals can potentially harm its shine. Especially sunscreen would be highly terrifying to your jewelry. And if you have already applied the cream, avoid wearing the turquoise pendant around the chest area.

Dry It Quickly 

After washing out the complete jewelry with the above-mentioned household procedures. Then finally, don’t let it stay in the water or home-based natural products for long. Instead, be prompt enough to keep your jewelry dry just after the wash.

Where to Buy? 

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