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How to Buy the Right Maternity Pants for Each Trimester?

If you love wearing pants, then there should be no reason to give up on them while pregnant. You can still enjoy the same comfort and styles with a well-fitting pair of maternity pants that feature panels and waistbands to accommodate your growing belly.

Available in all the same styles as regular pants, maternity pants are the perfect pregnancy bottom wear to keep you comfortable throughout pregnancy. Here’s how to find the perfect fitting pair of maternity pants for you. Let’s start with the type of maternity pants.

Types of Maternity Pants

Before you shop, you’ll want to get familiar with the different kinds of maternity pants. Here are the most common types you’ll come across when shopping:

#Skinny Pants

This style fits snug to your legs down to ankles, making them fantastic to show off your pregnancy curves. In addition, they are perfect to layer under long maternity tops and add an illusion of height to your figure.

#Straight-Legged Pants

For a roomier fit, you can go with this versatile, middle-of-the-road style option. They are loose around the thighs and run straight down to the floor. They are suitable for all body types, and you can wear them to create a slimming effect.

#Bootcut Pants

This style remains straight through the thigh but begins to widen from the knees downwards to form a bell-like shape. They, too, create a slimming effect and are more suitable for taller women.


These pants are a mixture of denim and leggings. They’re highly stretchable and thin, like stretchy maternity leggings. They offer exceptional comfort and are perfect to wear under tunics and dresses.

Over the Belly or Underbelly – Which is Better?

It’s just a matter of personal preference and body type!

Over-the-belly maternity pants feature an elasticated waistband that fits over your bump, making them suitable to wear in later stages of pregnancy.

On the other hand, underbelly maternity pants come with a jersey panel featuring a wide elastic band to support your growing belly. They are ideal for the first trimester.

Apart from these traditional styles, you can also try the following two modern types:


This style offers an adjustable drawstring at the front, often with an elastic band at the backside.

#Side Panels

This style comes with elasticated jersey panels on both sides, usually above the pockets, which expand with your growing bump.

When Is the Best Time to Buy Maternity Pants?

Each pregnancy is different, and it depends on comfort. However, as a general rule, you should buy a pair or two of maternity pants as soon as your regular pants start feeling tight. Choose high-stretch maternity pants that fit you well and offer plenty of space to accommodate your growing belly.

How to Buy Maternity Pants?

Rather than buying according to your body type, you should buy pants for motherhood’s various phases. Here are some tips for each trimester:

How to Buy Pants in the First Trimester?

When you’re in the initial stage of pregnancy, you should focus on stretchy fabrics and say no to skinny pants. Instead, try some comfortable styles like Bootcut and make sure the pants provide ample space for your still-developing bump to grow.

How to Buy Pants in the Second Trimester?

Since your bump is not fully developed in the second trimester, you should prefer under-the-belly maternity pants with built-in elastic waistbands. You can also try a pair of Jeggings if you find them comfortable around your thighs.

How to Buy Pants in the Third Trimester?

The bump has popped, and it needs extra support. You can now try over-the-bump styles to support your growing bump. You can also invest in a couple of wrap maternity dresses and tunics to give your body much-needed comfort.

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