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How Do An Interior Designer in Kolkata Market Himself?

The world is not a small place for interior designers. Every year more and more interior designers get out there and look for jobs. But the best interior designer is the one who is unique and has the capability to stand out from the crowd. An interior designer in Kolkata understands that marketing plays a huge role in building a strong career. Given below are some ways through which these interior designers can earn a big name in the industry.

Designing a portfolio-

This is the very first step. Every interior designer in Kolkata needs to understand that a portfolio plays an important role because it gives them something to show to their clients. If a designer wants to be unique he should make a well-balanced portfolio that has creative ideas, taste, and style. The portfolio should be good-looking and should have enough details. 

Social Media-

In modern times, everybody understands the power of social media. One of the best ways in which an interior designer in Kolkata can make a big name in the industry is by using the power of social media. This gives him an opportunity to be ever-present and stay on top of people’s minds. Social media can be used in a lot of creative ways. An interior designer can post videos and details of the current projects in hand. A good interior designer should not hesitate from sharing behind the scenes with prospective clients. This will help in creating connections, building trust, and putting a face on the brand. 

Collaborating with others-

If an interior designer in Kolkata collaborates with another designer from a different state they both can be benefitted from each other’s network. It can give an easy way to get more projects and a bigger variety in the work. The two designers can learn from each other’s experiences. Working in teams comes with its perks too. A designer can learn to see things differently and use the network of the other designer as well.

Printing the portfolio-

An interior designer can make use of the word of mouth. A client’s review can also make or break the career of an interior designer. If the previous work is great, then an interior designer can get more clients. Printing a booklet is also a good option. This booklet can be shared with prospect clients. The people should be given the opportunity to get these printed portfolios for free on the website. Even after putting up the portfolio online, many people demand a piece of paper in hand. 

Joining a design contest-

If a designer has an award, he is viewed as someone serious about his work. It creates further trust and helps the interior designer to grow his credibility. So it can be said that showing off awards is a good way to win over people so that they can invest in the services. Also, it is not necessary that an interior designer should win the contest. Simply taking part in it and doing his best can give exposure too. Joining a contest can get special attention also. Such contests also help interior designers to make decent connections in the industry. 

Working together with an influencer-

If an interior designer is active on social media then it would be a great idea to get in touch with an influencer. An influencer can help the interior designer get more visibility with the help of an influencer. One should make sure to pick up an influencer that fits with the required demographic of the customer. These influencers can also help interior designers to connect with colleagues and peers in the industry. Networking is a great way to get new and good clients. 

Updating business cards and signature lines-

Even in today’s digital world, one should not underestimate the power of a business card. The business card should also be inviting. A new business card not only helps the interior designer with acquaintances but can help in catching up with the existing contacts.  

Updating the digital portfolio and online presence-

An interior designer should make sure that his digital portfolio is updated. Interior designers should have their own websites so that they can display their work. Also, having an old and outdated website will not do any good to the interior designer. The website should have a facelift and should be comfortable for the clients to navigate through. Refreshing the website gives the interior designer an opportunity to improve his presence and function. Teaming up with the best web designers and creating a plan can also help.

Press Publish-

Taking support of the press can also help in getting popularity. An interior designer can update his blog and develop some followers. A designer should try his best to stand out from the competition. If a designer wants to be unique he should make a well-balanced portfolio that has creative ideas, taste, and style. The portfolio should be good-looking and should have enough details. Earning the required certificates, building the required client base, and doing the needful bit for self-promotion can help the interior designer earn a big name in the industry.


An interior designer in Kolkata understands that show houses can be a great opportunity to promote the interior design business. Also, an interior designer should never stop himself from learning new things and taking up new challenges. This helps him grow and earn a good name in the industry. An interior designer can also update his app. In modern times, these apps also offer a great way to market oneself in the industry. An interior designer can also walk-through projects on live seminars and videos with prospective clients. Special media can also help the designers to grow their potential clients. Trade shows are also a great way to forge vendor relationships, to be aware of the new trends in the market, and gain new clients. There are many ways with which an interior designer can promote himself and stand out from the crowd. He just needs to understand the ways with which he can do the same. 


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