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How can one design a custom sleeve box?

In ancient times, people did not focus on packaging the products. This is because the packaging was not developed at that time, and most people did not know about the packaging. But now, the times have been changed tremendously since the advancements of technology. These changing times have made it possible for the sellers to devise various packaging styles for their products. There is a wide variety of packaging options that are available for the products. One can go for display boxes that are used for showing the products at the markets. Cosmetic packaging is used for the packaging of cosmetic products. Bakery and food packaging is used for the packaging of the bakery and food items. Therefore, name any product and the packaging is available for them. Another such packaging is custom sleeve boxes that are a special type of box that acts as a covering for the product from two sides. It is more like a cylindrical covering around the product. There is also an option for giving a tray or holding that can keep the product in its position and so; keep it safe. These boxes may be made from a variety of available choices. One may select any alternatives for the product packaging. These choices are as follows.

Colour the box in your favorite shades:

One may select from a range of colours for one’s sleeve box. There may be any colour of the box. The colour may match with that of the product to create harmony in the brand identity. One may select more than single colour also. The colour may be contrasting, or they may be similar shades of one colour. Colours play a role in affecting customer choice. They are very symbolic and particular for a product. Therefore, they should be chosen wisely while deciding the product packaging. One tip for choosing the best colour is to go for the colours that are appealing to the eyes. Because once the customer sets his/her eye on the product from so many other products, there is a huge possibility that he/she buys that product.

Choose a font size to write on the packaging:

The user may select a particular font for writing on the packaging. The font should have one important characteristic that it should be easily readable by the customer. It often happens that the writing on the packaging is so small that it becomes difficult to read it. It creates very much inconvenience for the customer as the written material is completely useless if the customer cannot make any sense out of it. Hence, the font for the custom sleeve packaging should be readable and clear.

Choose a design for the packaging:

It is completely up to the seller to make the packaging look beautiful and charming. For this, he may do anything that can attract the customer. Any design can be made on the boxes. The design may be associated with the product. For example, if the product is some bakery item, small-sized bakery products may be made on the packaging. If the packaging is for the bubble gums, there may be made crystals or some other refreshing design on the packaging. Thus, the design that one makes on the packaging should be representative of the products offered. It should make a complete theme that makes the customer guess which product is there in the custom printed sleeve packaging without having to read. These small details seem very trivial, but they have a significant role in altering the customer psychology and; tempting them to buy the products.

Glossy look or matte finish?

There is also an option to choose between a glossy look for the product packaging or a matte finish. Spot UV or gloss coating may be used for giving a shining and attractive look to the packaging. Moreover, one may also choose to go with a matte finish that will give a very decent look to the product. wholesale sleeve packaging may be ordered that can prove economical for the seller.

Decide to save the environment:

Everyone is very much aware of the hazardous impacts of human activities on the environment. These activities have become a part of our lives, and we pollute the environment daily without any conscious attention. Therefore, one may choose eco-friendly paper for the protection of the environment against these hazardous impacts. This will help establish a positive image of the brand before the customer. Henceforth, one may order eco-friendly sleeve boxes wholesale that will prove to be economical and good for the environment at the same time.

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