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How athena EMR Demo Portrays its Documentation Aspect?

Documentation is an imperative aspect of medical practices. If handled properly, it leads to engaging patient encounters. However, this is not something practitioners should take lightly. Running after low-cost EMR solutions is not a wise option if you are susceptible to the risk of losing client databases and customer confidentiality.

Athena EMR is the best software known for its effective document processing tools and services. We are not saying this just because of the vendor’s claim that it offers a feature-rich kit for handling clinical documentation. We examined the demo of athena EMR to validate this claim, and here we’re going to share what we learned about its document management process.

How Athena EMR is Helpful in Physician Practices?

Demo of athena EMR

Athenahealth EMR software offers a free yet detailed demo tutorial for all providers. It designed its demo to provide valuable insights to customers about all its potential facilities. The vendor’s expert team hinted upon its unparalleled functionalities like interoperability, data-driven analysis, etc. This few minutes tutorial holds the power to convince users about its excellence.

All its features are explained in a well-detailed manner. That is why the athena EMR demo acts as a definitive guide for users. If you pay keen attention to its fine detailing, you can learn enough about the system within minutes that can help you reach a productive conclusion. So here, we will focus on the documentation element of athenahealth EMR.

Athena EMR Documentation

The way this EMR handles clinical documents is simply splendid. It wholly removes the need for paperwork and eliminates manual typing time. The software offers a tool for everything from creating newer documents to sharing them across the network. It even scans paper documents to make sure they are available on the patient portals. It is a way to keep records safe.

Also, with athenahealth EMR software by your side, you don’t have to worry about keeping the documents of hundreds of patients from mixing up. It won’t be a headache for you as it digitizes the documentation process altogether. We broke down the entire document cycle into pits and pieces to explore each aspect in detail.

Custom Templates

During patient encounters, you first need to create notes to jot down the critical information. It’s possible only if you have the facility of templates and charts at your fingertips. athena EMR demo shows that it features the templates and charting functionality and allows providers to customize them fully for a personalized experience.

Having access to customized templates means you can modify them accordingly to fit the patient’s condition. Even if you use the built-in templates, they come equipped with relevant information regarding the patient’s health. This simple aspect helps significantly during patient appointments, automatically referring the desired templates to all medical professionals.

Clinical Summaries

It is imperative for EMR systems to offer this feature and athena EMR excels at this. This remarkable software provides an intuitive tool for creating well-detailed clinical summaries. Furthermore, it automatically generated these summaries for all patients to assist practitioners in delivering optimal care services.

Clinical summaries comprise critical patient information gathered from progress notes, past medical records, and lab reports. This way, you can access information needed for performing accurate diagnosis and treatment on a single screen. It wholly eliminates the need for switching tabs and reduces time glued on the screen, leading to meaningful patient interactions.

Speech Recognition

Another prodigious feature included in the athenahealth EMR demo is speech recognition. This innovative tool works wonders for clinicians, for it is a timesaving functionality. It is included in its virtual assistant named athenaOne and is powered by Nuance. It helps record patient encounters in a breeze without manually typing anything.

athenaOne being a reliable virtual assistant works on voice commands and allows for hands-free data entry and clinical tasks handling. With this speech-to-text recognition solution, spend quality time with your patients by fully concentrating on them. In addition, even the voice recognition tool allows you to document your way by supporting your preferred documenting style.

Automated Updates

The next important step in the documentation cycle is aligning the documents. Athenahealth EMR software wins this ground, too, by featuring an impressive automated updates capability. As a result, you won’t need to worry about uploading the documents on the web. Instead, the software effortlessly updates the patient profiles by uploading newer and edited files on them. Athena Emr is one of the best EMR for urgent care.

It cuts down the probability of losing essential data. All patient records are dealt with care, assuring no aspect is left untouched. It serves as a way to engage patients by gaining their confidence in clinical services. The system offers one-click access to physicians and patients to all the vital documents.

Secured Data Sharing

Athenahealth EMR software is not limited to just processing and managing the documents. It effortlessly handles the document sharing task, too. By document sharing, most people take it as uploading the documents on the portals, but that’s not it. This exclusive vendor allows data sharing across its integrated healthcare community.

You can share data with other care organizations and specialists via a secured channel. The demo of athena EMR illustrates that it holds strict security protocols to keep data confidential at all costs. And this data sharing capability will enable you to plan effective treatment plans by getting hands on critical information.

Reviews About athena EMR documentation

Undoubtedly, the athenahealth EMR demo showers light even on the minute details of the documentation process. But, reviews of the software are no less. They also hold significant importance. You should consider reading the feedback left by users to comprehend what the vendor is all about.

Users say that the documentation tools are easy to use. They enhance clinical effectiveness by automating time-taking tasks like upgrading patient portals. Also, the speech-to-text recognition service allows to handle clinical tasks meaningfully. This hands-free data entry process increases clinical efficiency.

Concluding Thoughts

No EMR solution can handle the document management process as athenahealth software does. However, there’s nothing the system doesn’t provide. Besides this effective tool, the athena EMR demo highlights its other significant services like task management, practice management, and billing management. It is indeed an all-inclusive EMR platform for all-sized practices.

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