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Get Some Idea About The Crucial Inspections During An Mot

If you are a car user in the UK, you can never skip the MOT test. Wherever you go for your MOT test, the procedure followed by the technicians for MOT is the same. Thus, the same results are expected irrespective of where you go.

For ensuring that the vehicles are worthy to be driven on the road, the MOT test is a measure adopted by the government. However, you must know that the MOT Dorrington is quite different from the usual vehicle servicing or inspection. The MOT test ignores the gearbox, clutch, and engine. Rather, it includes inspection of other car parts like the electrical system, tyres, etc. An MOT is meant to just test your car. If there is no issue, your car will be left as it is. If your car doesn’t meet the MOT standards, you will have to repair the car to meet the standards.

Various car parts are checked while undergoing MOT test:

Horn Inspection

By using the horn, you warn other vehicles to make way for you on the road while driving on the road. This ensures the safety of the pedestrian and this is why it is a part of the MOT inspection. Your car horn gets repaired if it doesn’t blow properly or makes a delayed sound. 

Inspection Of Fluid Level

Engine oil is the food for your car making it function as supposed to. For making your car move forward, you need to have a sufficient level of engine oil in your car. The liquid level of the windshield washer is also checked. If your car has an insufficient oil level, you must get an oil top-up done.

Light Inspection

It is crucial to see on the road and be visible to others while driving. Thus, vehicle lights form an essential part of your MOT checks. You will have to get the lights replaced and get them to work efficiently if your lights fail. You can also check this before the MOT and get the lights fixed. This will save the MOT tester’s time.

Inspection Of Dashboard Light

Any issue in your car is indicated by the dashboard lights. Thus, these lights must function efficiently which is why the MOT test includes them. The MOT test concentrates on the warning lights so that you can track when your car is experiencing some trouble.

Brake Inspection

While driving, your possibility of meeting with an accident is minimised by the use of brakes. Whenever you get some sudden obstacle in front of your car, the first thing you do is hit the brakes. This prevents you from hitting the obstacle. Various factors affect the function of your brakes and these factors are inspected during the MOT. You are more at risk of facing an accident when your brakes are damaged. This is the reason an MOT tester checks and fixes the brakes so that it meets the safety standards.

Roller Brake Tester: Roller Brake Tester is one of the popular products for auto test used by the MOT tester. It calculates the vehicle braking efficiencies and efforts in a vehicle. This tool facilitates the dynamic assessment of a vehicle’s braking system under controlled and stationary conditions. Wheel chamber and line air pressure, wheel braking force, axle imbalances, parking brakes, emergency brake test, brake force comparison with hydraulic or air pressure, display braking force, and pedal force are displayed in the due course by using RBT. Tracing the cracking and ovality in warping as well as drums of the disc brakes is facilitated by the RBT.

On the floor of the mechanical unit having electric motors, major roller sets with safety features, and brake force transducers, this form of testing is executed. With proper brake testing, the tester can measure the braking performance, trace braking system faults efficiently and effectively that might convert into a serious issue if goes undetected. This also ensures your car doesn’t fail in the MOT Martin because of your brakes.

Inspection Of Tyre

An MOT technician will check your tyre to see if they are worthy for the road. The tyre age, visible damages, and wearing are accessed during this test. Your tyres need to be repaired in the garage if they don’t meet the threshold limit of safety.

If there is any fault in the above vehicle parts, you may fail the MOT. Thus, you must always ensure to keep these in proper condition to successfully pass the MOT Martin test. Visit Roberts Tyres for more knowledge. It is a reputable and oldest test center for MOT and quality service.

Roberts Tyres

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