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 If you are looking for high-quality candle boxes in Canada, then iCustomBoxes is the best place to customize boxes for your precious item. Now candles are not just used to enlighten the homes, but their use is more than that. Using candles in different events is becoming a fashion. Candles are also used for fragrance and decoration. As its use is increasing day by day, the need for packaging is also increasing.

Candle Boxes
This is not that era, where you can sell your items just by putting them into simple cardboard or wrapping them in a simple Kraft paper. Now people are very much conscious about it. They prefer to choose innovative and secure packaging. As the candles themselves are an attractive and precious item, their packaging should also be alluring and tempting enough to grasp the customers’ attention at first glance. To fulfill your purpose of packaging and get the premium-quality custom candle boxes, you can contact us. We have a team of expert designers and printers who can design your desired boxes with their experience of years.

Keep candle safe and secure inbox

To keep your candles safe from damage, you have to concern a company that can provide you the high-quality boxes. If we talk about the best customizing company, then who is better than ICB? We are the most trustworthy and best company, who is well-known due to its high-quality and low rates. For making more secure boxes, we use durable and sturdy material. For this purpose, cardboard and corrugated are used. These can provide extra protection to the candles and keep them safe from crushing and other kinds of damage.

Besides these, Kraft paper also plays an important role in the packaging of the candles. It is used to wrap the candle to avoid scratches. Kraft paper is used to wrap the candles in it and then put into the box so that it keeps safe from scratches by friction between the candles. These all materials are not just reliable and durable but also harmless for the community as they are eco-friendly. These are also the best due to their lightweight. You can recycle these candle packaging after use.

Candle boxes

Increase the Quality and worth of your product

Using premium quality material and innovative printing designs can increase the value of your product. If you want to enhance the worth of your product you can add some extra features to it.

Window die-cut: The amazing feature that can increase the value of the product. The window die-cut gives the chance to the customers to see directly the product through the window. It is the best option to showcase your product on the shelves of retailer shops among thousands of other products. You can design this window die-cut in any shape and size on the box. It is an easy way to grab the attention of people by presenting your beautiful colored candles in window candle boxes. To make it secure from moisture, dust, and other contaminants, you can also add a PVC sheet on the die-cut.

Besides this window die-cut, you can also add ribbons or bows of different colors to make it alluring. Now candles are also used as gifts. So, these cool features can make your gift attractive and unique.

Another great feature that can make your packaging secure is insertion. Partitions or insertions can keep the candles safe from damage while shipping. As candles are made with wax that is a soft material and its chances of damaging are more so in that situation insertion helps to maintain their shape.

Get custom printed designs of Candle Boxes

At ICB you can get amazing custom candle boxes. You can design your boxes as you want by availing yourself of the services of our professionals. We help you to design your desired boxes that will exactly match your ideal boxes. Custom Candle boxes with logos are the best opportunity to enhance your business. For printing brand name and logo, we are offering advanced printing technology. You can get the facility of 2D, 3D, and digital printing and also offset printing.

candle Boxes

Embossing is the best way to prominent your brand name. Another cool printing feature that you can also use is silver and gold foiling. It will give a shiny and pretty look to the packaging and grab the customer’s heart just at first glance. ICB has the best team of expert designers to make your boxes more innovative and luxurious that can make your product stand in the market. And it will make your boxes different from others that will help the customers to recognize and see them from a distance.

Order now and get special offers from ICB

iCustomBoxes are the best manufacturer of candle subscription boxes in Canada. Buy bulk candle boxes at minimum prices. We are offering high-quality and low prices that you cannot find anywhere in the market. Here you can get a free mock sample for your satisfaction, and you are free to design your boxes in any size, color, or style. Just pick up your phone and contact us to buy a massive amount of custom boxes with a free shipping facility. You will be happy and satisfied after receiving your order. If you want to give a boost to your business, then trade with us. It will help you to increase your sale and you will get maximum benefits.


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