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Frozen Embryo Transfer – Best IVF center in Jaipur

Usually, parenting is the most incredible and fulfilling experience of life. But because of certain physical abnormalities, and infertility issues, some are forbidden to get the pleasure of being parents. But, here is a piece of good news for all those unfortunate ones in Jaipur, now you can have highly effective frozen embryo transfer (FET) treatment at Mishka IVF center in Jaipur.

IVF treatment with Frozen embryo transfer is especially for women above 40 who have banked their eggs in past or for women who cannot make healthy and fertilized eggs. At a present time, this is the most significant and protective procedure in IVF treatments.

In order to heal all your infertility issues, Mishka IVF center is the pre-eminent and best IVF center in Jaipur pink city providing all with the best infertility treatments. Also, the IVF center is recognized for its best professional team, state-of-art laboratories, precision in treatments, and that too in a best competitive cost.

Another point to be noted is that Mishka IVF in Jaipur, which serves the best methods and procedures for curing all your infertility issues, has the famous infertility specialist Dr. Ruchi Bhandari as the brain of the team.

Currently, In India, about 75% of couples face the issue of not getting pregnant in a conservative way. And even after trying many times without unprotected physical interconnection, still they can’t bless a baby. The reason behind this is mainly the bad eating habits, unhealthy lifestyle, work stress, hormonal issues, alcohol, and smoking.

Thereupon, this blog will help you know more about IVF, frozen embryo transfer, causes of IVF failure, risk of FET, and the best IVF center for FET treatment.

  1. What is a frozen embryo transfer?
  2. causes of frozen embryo transfer
  3. Risk of frozen embryo transfer
  4. the best center for frozen embryo transfer- Mishka IVF
  5. Dr. Ruchi Bhandari

What is Frozen Embryo Transfer?

Frozen embryo transfer is a cycle where instead of fresh, previously banked frozen embryo from the last IVF cycle is prepared at normal temperature and implanted back in the female’s uterus. It means that you would not have to undergo another process of egg collection and hormone stimulation.

Commonly referred to as FET (frozen embryo transfer), is a process where a female can freeze her embryos, or they can use the frozen donor eggs in IVF treatment. Also, it is gaining popularity due to its safety and IVF success rate.

When do we need Frozen Embryo Transfer?

To begin with, the most necessary requirements for a successful IVF cycle are functional sperm, healthy eggs, and the uterus, which is also effective for the growth of the baby.

Following are the causes of infertility that lead to IVF treatment with Frozen Embryos.

  1. Abnormalities of eggs: As we know that human eggs have a complex structure. Thus, the abnormal egg leads to infertility cause and doesn’t support a normal IVF cycle.
  2. Sperm Abnormality: if the sperm has a head or tail defect, also referred to as abnormal sperm. This makes the sperm unable to reach and probe an egg. Donor sperm solves this problem effectively.
  3. Inefficient Selection of embryos: If embryos cannot make the right selection of embryos for transferring, then also there is very little possibility to conceive. The embryo selection is based on the – grade of the embryo, cell stage, and rate of cell division. With frozen embryos, IVF doctors can eliminate this process.

Moreover, there are other factors also which affect the chances of IVF pregnancy. And this involves the lab environment, equipment’s used in the laboratory, and skills professional conducting embryo transfer or egg retrieval.

Risk of Frozen Embryo Transfer

The risk or any complication in the method of frozen embryo transfer occurs when the IVF Surgeon is extracting the eggs. Usually, the side effects of FET tend to be temporary and lenient, hence there is nothing to worry much about it.

The risk involved with Frozen embryo transfer are:

  • Infection in uterus
  • vagina Bleeding
  • Vaginal discharge changes accordingly
  • Bloating and hampering
  • Ovaries overstimulation

Mishka IVF Center for IVF with FET

For choosing the best IVF center for the frozen embryo transfer process to achieve pregnancy in the capital city of Rajasthan, it would be best if you tried Mishka IVF clinic.

Mishka iVF center- frozen embryo transfer

Above all, the IVF clinic has a top-notch infrastructure equipped with state-of-the-art fertility technologies and a comfortable ambiance. The IVF center in Jaipur has one of the best ambiances at the same time can be easily navigated.

Moreover, at the Mishka IVF center, you will get the best medical team and professional infertility specialists providing extra care and safety to their patients.

By the same token, Mishka IVF hospital helps and supports its patients mentally and physically. The team and founder of the IVF center feel proud and happy to bring smiles to many faces every day.

IVF Specialists Performing IVF with FET,

Rajasthan capital city, Jaipur, has the renowned and famous infertility specialist Dr. Ruchi Bhandari who is the head and director of Mishka IVF center. She is having experience of 7+ years in this profession.

Dr. Ruchi Bhandari inside the OT with baby after iVF with Frozen embryo transfer

The registration medical council number of Dr. Ruchi Bhandari is 36015. Dr. Ruchi Bhandari has taken infertility specialist training from Chennai and won a gold medal in MS (OB/GY) from Pune, India.

Besides this, she has countless successful IVF treatments with FET recorded, and her patients are much satisfied with the Doctor’s behavior at Mishka IVF.

The Summary Of The Blog

We conclude that Mishka IVF center is the superior and best IVF center in Jaipur pink city. The IVF center is famous for all its IVF treatments, including frozen embryo transfer, donor egg IVF, etc.

At last, for booking an appointment at Mishka IVF center, you can visit their official website or make a phone call on +91 6378-288-606. Even you can mail them at for further details and queries.

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