Different Types of Managed IT Service That Grow Business

Managed IT service is a business owner’s best friend. One of the most important things for any business is to make sure their IT systems are running smoothly. The last thing you want is your website going down during a busy sales day! There are many services available to companies looking for ways to improve their business.

Here, we will go through the most popular types of managed IT services and how they can help your business grow. And ensure you have the level of system stability necessary to be successful.

What are the different kinds of managed IT services?

You can break down and manage IT services into many categories. It includes cloud services, security and compliance solutions, Workplace mobility, and many more. Each category offers a different service or solution that will help your business improve its technology infrastructure.

Let’s take a look at the best picks for managed IT services in each of these areas to find out how they can help your business!

Cloud services

A cloud service can either be a storage, application or security solution. These technologies are all designed to help you maintain an efficient network. And it improves data synchronization and accessibility across multiple devices. You may not even need in-house; IT support resources with the technology available today! Also, using these types of cloud services will help your business cut costs by allowing you to streamline and join efforts.

Workplace mobility 

It includes technologies that allow employees to work from anywhere on any device, following BYOD policies. These solutions are important due to the rise in bring-your-own-device practices. And it easily gets adopted by companies today.

Many businesses have stopped providing laptops to employees to cut costs. However, this has resulted in increased security concerns and a lack of productivity. It is because of the inability of employees to work outside the office. Several IT services are available that can help with your workforce mobility needs and improve employee satisfaction! It is ideal for switching to managed IT service if your IT guy is leaving.

Security and compliance solutions

It includes technologies that help protect information from viruses, malware, or ransomware attacks. You can also use security solutions for data protection purposes. And also as a regulatory compliance issue such as PCI DSS requirements. Besides, these types of services can help you protect your cloud-based data storage solutions.

On-site services 

On-site services mean where a company sends an employee. It is usually called an engineer or technician to your business’s location. These types of employees have all the necessary tools and knowledge needed for them. The service provider can troubleshoot any issues with your technology infrastructure in real-time. Once these IT support specialists find out what is wrong, they will be able to fix the problem. And also make recommendations for other solutions.

On-site services are great because they allow you to speak to a real person about your technology infrastructure face-to-face! It can be very helpful if something is wrong with your network and you need an immediate solution. These types of managed IT service plans also ensure that you have a direct line of communication with your technology provider. So there are no hidden costs or unexpected issues when they arrive on-site.

Infrastructure support

Infrastructure Support includes on-site services as well as remote monitoring. These types of plans are very like On-Site Services. They are with the exception that they allow your technology provider to track. And they maintain all aspects of your hardware, software, and network from their office location.

If you have this type of service, you will be assigned a primary and secondary point-of-contact that can provide proactive support. This is great because it ensures your technology infrastructure is always running smoothly without the need for on-site visits from engineers or technicians!

Technology support

This type of managed IT service plan is designed to provide proactive support from a centralized location. Technology Support plans are great for companies that want around-the-clock monitoring and maintenance without hiring additional staff or purchasing new hardware, software licenses, or technology equipment! You can often get 24/365 support with this type of service since it includes more people and more support hours.

Network solutions

This category of managed IT services includes technologies that allow companies to implement a centralized network, allowing employees the ability to work from anywhere on any device (depending on your BYOD policy). These types of solutions are great for businesses looking for ways to increase productivity and reduce costs! Many times this is done through cloud-based data storage solutions and virtualization of your servers.

Virtual server solutions

This type of managed IT service can be helpful for businesses looking to grow—their infrastructure through server consolidation and centralizing many services on a single host. Virtualization lets you have more than one operating system on the same machine as a hypervisor. It is a software layer between the physical server and the operating systems. This can be cost-effective for companies looking to grow their infrastructure with minimal hardware expenditures.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

It is one of the well-known types of managed IT service plans. This category allows companies to pay monthly or yearly fees to use software and cloud-based technologies. And without buying licenses, hardware, or even updating their technology infrastructure! Many times this includes hosted email services like Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps. And it also hosts data storage solutions like Microsoft SharePoint.

Take a look at the different types of managed IT services that are available for your business! It’s essential to think about all aspects of your technology infrastructure. And make sure you have customized plans that will work best with your needs and budget.

Bottom Line:

Managed IT services are an amazing way to ensure your technology infrastructure is always running smoothly and proactively. These types of solutions often include remote monitoring. And it gives access to the latest software releases and updates. Also, help desk support with around-the-clock availability! By hiring an outsourced IT service provider near you, you can take advantage without having to buy new hardware or hire more staff members.




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