Crafting A B2B Buyer Persona for Marketing Campaigns

Figuring out who your ideal buyer persona is for your company is a challenging but rewarding process. Yes, it will generally take some serious effort, as figuring out your ideal buyer persona is vaguer when it comes to the B2B market rather than the B2C market. The B2C market is interesting because, by selling directly to the consumer, a B2C company can generally be a bit surer who their ideal buyer persona is. They know who their customers will likely be, and they will often have less differing ideal buyer personas to cater to. However, selling B2B means having an interim person between your company and the eventual customer. This means that, unlike B2C, you cannot as easily make a short list of what kind of customer will be buying your product. You will not be selling to the eventual customer; you will be selling to someone in the interim. However, do not give up on creating some more specificity and considered intent in figuring out (and separating out) your ideal buyer personas. Though it can be daunting, with the right tips and tricks, as well as great tools such as telemarketing list providers, it can be much easier to craft the perfect buyer persona to help shape your marketing campaigns.

Narrowing down the ideal buyer personas of those to be found on your Canadian business mailing lists, can be a huge make or break moment for B2B companies. This is because understanding who your ideal buyer personas are, what they want, and what kinds of information will best land with them, is key to creating the best marketing campaigns that you can. Personalizing your marketing campaigns to the specific needs of each different ideal buyer Persona will help your marketing campaigns to stand out more and be more impactful. After all, marketing is all about addressing the different needs of your potential customers and conveying how your product of service could serve those specific needs. The B2B world, especially, needs this in order to convey how well you understand the needs of your client. For example, some B2B companies will have completely different segmented groups who might all use the same product, all for different reasons.

Not sure where to start? When looking at your Canadian mailing lists, first segment out your most active customers.  If they keep returning to buy from you, they are likely connected to one of your ideal buy personas. Then, your team can figure out what their sales experience was/is with your company, why they are likely interested in your product, and etc. Understanding who is most interested in your product is important to sketching out an idea of your ideal buyer personas. However, it is also of utmost importance to understand why these customers buy your product, and how it best helps them. That is because why a customer buys your project will be a key part of how to effectively market towards them in the future. You do not want to be sending marketing outreach that highlights features about your product that are unimportant to the potential customer receiving said marketing campaign.

Additionally, it can be helpful to regularly revisit your ideal buyer persons once you have established who they are and what they want. This is because people, buying trends and actions, can change. It can be incredibly helpful to regularly check-in and see if your ideal buyer personas are different now than they were the last time you checked.

It can even be helpful to get answers from some of your most frequent customers to key questions, such as: why they decided to buy the product from your B2B company specifically, as well as how your product best helps them. Getting this feedback from frequent customers can help your team to gain a better understanding of the needs and specifications of your ideal buyer personas.

Once you have these ideal buyer personas set, this is where your team can use a method called “segmenting” in order to split up the contacts on your telemarketing list providers. By segmenting out different buyer personas with different needs, your team can make sure that each “segment” group receives a marketing campaign that will be more likely to resonate with their needs and wants. Finally, investing in Scott’s Directories’ good quality Canadian Mailing list will provide your sales and marketing teams access to a plethora of useful contact information, such as reliable and detailed information on over 580,000 B2B companies. Slice and dice data easily within our online portal in order to quickly find the information that you need.

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