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Career in a non-profit organization

Working in a nonprofit organization

Many young people often feel that working in a nonprofit organization means lower-income, as nonprofit jobs are often associated with long hours and less pay. Yet, at the same time, this is far from the truth.

Many Npo’s won’t provide you with a six-figure salary, but they offer very competitive income. 

Having outpaced the profit organization jobs by nearly 400 percent in recent years, It is safe to say that Nonprofit management jobs are growing in demand. As a result, there is a tremendous growth opportunity in this sector.

Read on below to understand how you can grow your career while earning a very competitive salary by working in a nonprofit organization.

What is an NPO? 

They are defined as exempted from taxes due to their work fr social issues like scientific, religious, educational, literally, charitable, cruelty prevention causes, or public safety purposes. In addition, the organization must generate some public good.

The organizations are run by paid employees and volunteers together. These nonprofit organizations span over all the industries such as education, healthcare, religious organization, etc.

Higher paying jobs in nonprofits include fundraising, marketing & communications, finance, and policy.

A job in an NPO is very suitable for a young graduate. An individual will be exposed to real-life situations and difficult circumstances that might improve his managerial skills or any other skill that he focuses on. An NPO job is for those who don’t like opportunities to be handed to them. Instead, they watch their options and grab them when the opportunities arise. “An aspect of growing in any organization is to keep sharpening the saw. You keep informing yourself and maintaining avenues for growing your skills.”

A job in the Npo is for you if you want your work to make a difference. A significant benefit of working for an NPO is that you get to earn while also contributing to a social issue that you care about. You can use your skill to contribute to the greater good.

One should work or volunteer at an NPO whose missions closely match your values and consider options as diverse as direct service, event planning, committee work, or even a position on a board of directors.

The job roles and responsibilities depend on the size and type of NPO you are working with. Working in an NPO will give you an opportunity to develop your skills by managing various responsibilities. Handling these responsibilities can help with career advancement later on in your life. 

Various organization’s positions that NPO needs to fill require a bachelor’s degree. 


For those who can’t afford one, working in an NPO has a unique benefit. It gives them access to programs like student loan forgiveness or PSLF etc. These programs are not accessible to corporate employees.

Many employees who work in an NPO can become great senior leaders. However, as various NGOs can’t provide a formal professional development education to its employees, one must take responsibility for their career development.

Suppose you are a mid-level manager who has difficulty finding the right kinds of volunteer experiences within your organization. In that case, there are still plenty of opportunities available if you cast a wider net. 

Middle management employees can gain the skills needed to advance their career with a master’s degree, networking, and involving themselves in professional associations.

The Master’s degree provides a distinct advantage for those employees aspiring to leadership roles. It helps them learn new skills, and builds their professional networks.

Nowadays, increasing numbers of Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs focus specifically on the nonprofit sector. 

 Program managers with a master’s degree often bring a deeper understanding of the business environment and juggle more responsibility. 

This combination of assets often can mean better results for the lot program and, ultimately, more growth opportunities for the manager.

Why nonprofits organizations need employees with advanced degrees

NPOs need business-savvy employees since these organizations’ goals don’t revolve around money. NPO’s are organizations that don’t set out to make a profit for shareholders. However, this organization is under pressure to conduct their business professionally, organized, and fiscally responsible manner, as are for-profit companies, and having strong business professionals on hand can be critical to the nonprofit’s success.

Bringing the business acumen to NPO can help them operate more efficiently. This enables that organization to advance their mission better and serve the community.

Nonprofits need staff for different departments such as finance, operations, and executive teams. Someone with an advanced degree could be at the top management position, such as an executive director, fundraising manager, associate director, coo, etc., of an NPO to advance their mission. 

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