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Call up an NFT Development Company and create a CryptoKitties Clone

When a popular search engine collaborates with a popular NFT project developer, it is bound to make magic in the market. If you are guessing which two platforms are joining forces, it is none other than Google and Dapper Labs. The American tech major and the Canadian software company will concentrate on scalability and create a new era of Web 3.0. Entrepreneurs aiming to benefit from centralization and decentralization can partner with an NFT development company and storm ahead in the market.  

 Analyzing how the Flow blockchain network will benefit from this deal

 The Flow blockchain platform has already created an NFT project and a marketplace, CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot respectively. Undoubtedly, it is the hub for developing Decentralized Apps (dApps), tokens, and video games. 

All the nodes existing on Flow will be hosted by Google Cloud. There are 4 types of nodes (Collector, Execution, Verifier, and Consensus). Interestingly, this collaboration will support other NFT projects launched by basketball teams such as Chicago Bulls and Sacramento Kings. 

Flow has been a revelation in the last 1 year. According to CEO, Roham Gharegozlou, its mainnet has seen the creation of 2.2 million digital wallets, 18.5 million blocks, and 49.7 million peer-to-peer transactions.  

Techpreneurs who wish to start their own NFT marketplace on the Flow blockchain will get several advantages like greater speed, higher efficiency, and more accuracy. They can also execute daily tasks automatically by using Cadence smart contracts.  

Talented artists would benefit from a better user experience, increased value for their exclusive collectibles, and speedier execution of peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions. Investors will also get an upper hand by purchasing unique NFTs.

Above all, Flow will witness greater throughput, foolproof security measures, and lower latency in the future. This will result in blockchain technology and digital collectibles entering the mainstream economy.  

Moreover, FLOW tokens have a humongous market cap of $1.20 billion according to CoinMarketCap. NFT enthusiasts can purchase single or multiple collectibles 24x7x365. Ultimately, they will benefit from greater rewards and participation in the governance of the blockchain network. 

How will an NFT development company ensure safe storage of assets?

Cadence-based smart contracts are crucial components of the Flow blockchain network. Generally, it refers to the programs stored in the user accounts. 

An NFT development solutions provider will use a robust static type system. Importantly, content creators can prove their digital ownership in a hassle-free manner. 

All their artwork, photos, videos etc would be stored in one location at a time. Furthermore, there is no possibility of accidental deletion and theft of their rare collectibles. 

Crypto collectibles are ultra-secure when there is usage of the Cadence programming language. It prevents arithmetic overflow and underflow as all the variables must be initialized. Moreover, all the pre-programmed software functions are based on certain terms and conditions and do not rely on context. 

The Unique Selling Point (USP) of the Cadence coding language is it is an interpreted language. Hence, there is an absence of a bytecode, compiler, and a Cadence Virtual Machine (VM). 

Why is Cadence completely sealed against unauthorized usage?

Interestingly, Cadence has better security measures than the Solidity programming language (used to code Ethereum smart contracts). Wonder how? It prevents the processing of malicious codes. This occurs when the function signature does not sync with the available ones. 

An NFT development company will assure the safety of collectibles. It will use 2 mechanisms, Design by Contract and Ownership Primitives. All the basic tasks would be completed after declaring them either as pre-conditioning and post-conditioning. Eventually, this guarantees the behaviour of the called code. 

Additionally, ownership primitives work based on linear types. Generally, it reduces the chances of hacking and phishing attacks. There is no chance of unauthorized parties duplicating digital assets. 

Cadence, the resource-oriented programming language makes sure that smart contracts are highly interoperable. Its friendly user interfaces ensure rapid growth. This is because the code is extensible and reusable. 

All the NFT projects developed on the Flow blockchain network can be tested thoroughly. Later, the codes will become immutable. Cadence contains several data structures operating in a fixed-point arithmetic mechanism. This helps in the seamless transfer of digital assets like cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and DeFi tokens. 

What are the NFT development solutions on the Flow blockchain network?

  • CryptoKitties clone – A NFT development company will establish a customized CryptoKitties clone. Entrepreneurs would get lots of advantages like regular inflow of revenue and substantial throughput. 

Consequently, investors can adopt, breed, collect, and trade digital cats 24x7x365. They will receive exciting rewards after playing challenging games in the KittyVerse. Besides that, an NFT development solution provider will create an animated look for the cats along with brand-new collector mechanics. 

NFT enthusiasts can accumulate their earnings by best in-slot genes and Gen-0 cats. Importantly, users can use their Kitties on the Flow blockchain network and breed them with both ETH and Flow born cats. 

  • NBA Top Shot clone – Basketball fans can rejoice by buying digital collectibles of popular players and teams. Likewise, an NFT platform development company will create a world-class NBA Top Shot clone. 

Sports enthusiasts can purchase different kinds of hot moments and packs (starter and booster). They can also build an epic collection of thrilling moments from important matches in the basketball league. 

The top-notch NFT marketplace contains 4 different tiers like common, fandom, legendary, and rare. It contains numerous features like a filter and search mechanism, integration with the Dapper wallet, and the recent listings section. 

  • Other services – A NFT development solution provider would offer an assortment of solutions. It includes API integration, conversion (crypto-to-crypto, crypto-to-fiat, and fiat-to-crypto), creation of FLOW token and Flow USD stablecoin, the inclusion of payment processors, organizing marketing campaigns, seamless integration with Coinbase Wallet and Trust Wallet, smart contract auditing, and technical support. 

Wrapping Up

With Google sharing its cloud computing prowess with Dapper Labs, the Flow blockchain network will witness tremendous progress. 

It will also decrease its energy consumption as there is a sturdy technical infrastructure in place. Eventually, the Flow platform will witness sustainable growth along with a high level of scalability. With the trading volume of both CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot soaring day by day, it is an apt time for entrepreneurs to get into action. 

They can commence NFT platform development on the Flow blockchain network and turn wealthy in a significant time.  

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