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Freight Quote, an online  is an expert provider of global transport solutions. Their business offers comparative analyses of shipping rates applicable for local and international freight carriers. For customers, the company provides a platform to compare the rates of various freight transport carriers in the market. The company also provides online quote for both standard and oversized freights. Freight quotes to help customers determine the freight charges involved for a particular shipment. A Good Freight quote enable customers to decide whether to use local or international carriers and the mode of transport preferred.

What Freight Quote Provides

A  freight quote provides shippers with rates applicable to a given shipment, destination and mode of transport. The information provided includes shipper details, carrier details, rates and special offers applicable. The shipper can choose to receive all quotes through one portal or can get detailed quotes by different service providers. By opting to receive multiple quotes, the shipper can make a wiser decision regarding its shipping needs. The customer can opt to use either a flat rate. Or a rate based on the specific weight of the goods. Some freight brokers provide additional services like insurance, customs brokers and conversion services.

Freight Quote

Customer Purchase

Before a customer purchases, he/she needs to make sure that all essential information is available. One needs to make sure that the details shared are not outdated. Customers need to make sure that the quoted price is accurate; it should include all necessary fees associated with the shipment. Freight quotes should be accessible online or through toll-free numbers.

When looking for a freight quote, the shipper should ensure that it provides information relevant to his/her situation. For instance, if a shipper needs to ship single-piece pallets, he/she should ensure that the quote includes information on the number of pallets that will be handled per day and the weight of each piece. A multi-piece freight shipment could require up to three or four pallets. Some companies offer freight services with special discounts like low-maintenance discount packages.

Instant Freight Quote

Some websites offer instant freight quotes via their online freight services. It is important that the quote includes all important information. The shipper should also check if the delivery location is remote, if the shipment will be sent through air freight or if the shipment requires special attention such as special trucks or machinery for loading and unloading. Another important aspect of an accurate online freight quote is the ability to track shipments online.

Freight brokers, however, should be consult only if special circumstances apply. Additional charges such as brokerage, handling charge, delivery location, and insurance can be avoid by choosing a low-cost carrier. Sometimes, carriers can offer better rates than the services provided by the freight broker. Freight brokers can also provide valuable information on the best carriers. And provide the option of combining different carriers for a given shipment.


To obtain an accurate freight quote, the shipper must provide the correct information. He/she should avoid providing information that is outdated or which may be inaccurate. Some shippers can save money by choosing a carrier that does not charge for an estimate. This will help avoid additional charges on the part of the shipper. An accurate quote will usually require a deposit of up to $500. However, it is often returned in case the shipment is found inaccurate.


Additional charges may apply for specific types of shipments such as letters or Registered Mail. For shipments that use truck mounted carriers, the shipper should contact the carriers directly and ask for a quote. Many of the carriers that supply ocean freight will also supply a freight quote via the internet. An accurate freight shipping quote will help determine the total cost of the shipment.

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