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A Brief Introduction To The Key Principles Of Web Design

An effective web design UAE must fulfil the primary function of conveying its specific message while engaging the audience. Several factors seem to work in this regard. These factors are colours, consistency, imagery, typography, simplicity, functionality, etc. These terms are useful and required for creating an attractive website design.

While designing the layout of a website, you need to consider certain factors that determine how it will perform in the market. A well-designed website can help the brand earn its audience’s trust and increase conversion rates.

It will motivate the visitors to purchase or at least visit the company’s online store and thereby increase the sales. Creating a user-friendly platform is mandatory to enhance the overall user experience on the site. And website optimisation is also vital, involving its form, functionality, and aesthetics.

So, how does any web development company Dubai devise its plan for creating the web layout? They do so by following some of the essential principles of web designs that you can find below:

Determining The Purpose Of Your Website

The first essential factor or principle to consider here is the website’s purpose. Why is the client company looking for a web designer to create a website? The simplistic answer will be to reach out to a global audience. However, the motive might look straightforward, but it can get complicated depending on multiple factors.

To start with the principle here, the designers need to ensure that the website appropriately accommodates user requirements. Having a clear intention on the web pages can help the brand interact with the audience on a fundamental level. Both the brand and the user can connect easily using the website.

But the purpose doesn’t end here. Even if the brand only wants to connect with the audiences, it also can guide them to their original website. Sometimes, the website might sell a particular product to a selected group of users. Or it might be about entertaining the audiences while building leads. So, in any case, a web designer Dubai needs to understand the website’s purpose very well.

Never Create A Complicated Ride For Your User

Simplicity is a word that rightly describes the next principle to follow for web designs. The more basic yet attractive you can get with your website, the better you engage your audiences. Why?

That is because no one will wait and navigate through a complicated platform anymore. So, no matter what you are selling here, make a platform with a simplistic approach and navigation.

According to the top web development company Dubai, some of the crucial aspects to consider here are:

  • Colour has immense communicative power that can even evoke emotional responses. Find a colour that rightly describes and vibes with the brand perfectly and can influence the customer’s behaviour towards the brand. Pleasing colour combinations have proven to engage the audience and make them feel good.
  • Typography has a crucial role to play here. It can direct the customer’s attention and can also work as a visual interpretation of the company’s business.
  • Lastly, it is the imagery that includes videography, illustration,photography, and practically all forms of graphics. It must be expressive and can capture the appropriate spirit of the brand while acting as its embodiment.

Keep Seamless Navigation For Higher Engagement

Do you like to spend more than 10 seconds on a webpage? Do you want to navigate through a complicated website for purchasing your daily items? If not, how do you expect your audience to stay on a page with complex or confusing navigation?

Here is the next principle that most web designers religiously follow while creating a website. Apart from selecting the right font, colour, and imagery, the web design Dubai company will also focus on designing a platform with seamless navigation.

The visitors need to find the relevant tabs and keys easily on the website to make the purchase ultimately. So, keep the navigation intuitive, consistent, and straightforward for every web page.

F-Shaped Pattern Helps In Scanning Texts

Another common principle about web designing is the F-based pattern that helps the users scan texts from the website. Eye-tracking studies show that most visitors often see the top and the left corners of the screen. The F-shaped layout can very well mimic this reading pattern and thereby helps to engage the audience.

Arranging Web Elements In Order Of Importance

Every web designer Dubai would always maintain a visual hierarchy in the website layouts. It is the arrangement of the elements included in the web pages in order of importance. That means it can depend on the size, imagery, contrast, colour, whitespace, style, texture, typography, etc.

Why is this required? Visual hierarchy is a process to follow while designing a website to establish a focal point. It shows the visitors where the crucial information is loaded within the website. So, even if the user stays for a few moments, he will still be looking at the highlights of your web page.

Web Content Will Always Remain The King

Apart from imagery and typography, the best thing to focus on creating a website has to be its overall content. The basic principle of web design UAE highlights how great and attractive content can engage the audience.

It can even increase the SEO rank on Google and ultimately lead to high conversions. But, for that, one must invest in constructing compelling language and content highlighting the USPs of the business on the web pages.

Grid Layouts For Designing The Structures

Grids are always helpful for structuring the website designs. First, it helps the designers keep the content organised on the pages. It helps align the elements on the pages, thereby giving a chic, clean look. The grid-based layout arranges the website content into a proper, well-defined rigid grid structure with sections and columns to provide a balanced look.


Apart from these, any web design Dubai company would focus on lowering the loading time of their websites. Waiting for any website to load would have adverse effects on the visitors. No one wants to wait for the page to load for minutes even. So, focus on optimising the image size that can help load the site very swiftly.

Using these principles can help any creator lay the perfect website design. However, if you plan to launch your website soon, it is advisable to hire professional services. Find reliable, experienced web designers who can design your business website’s perfect layout.

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