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7 Styles Of Abstract Art That Will Always Be Popular

Art trends come and go, but abstract art has always been popular. I am an online art dealer and have observed what kind of art people buy for years and would like to share my insights with you in the article.

The major reason why abstract art is so popular is that it fits any interior. Yes, any, be it extremely modern, minimalist or classical. 

And if we were to look from the collectors perspective – there are a number of famous abstract artists that are always in demand and their art prices rise constantly. To name just a few: Rothko, Pollock and de Kooning.

However, abstraction comes in various forms, sizes and color schemes that can be classified into specific styles. 

Here is a list of abstraction styles that, in my opinion, will always find a way into art loving peoples’ homes. So here they are.

1. Abstract Expressionism

Expressive and emotional, vibrant, colourful and textured abstract expressionist art is dominating the art market since it was introduced to the world by the pioneers of abstraction – Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, Joan Mitchel, Clyfford Still and Lee Krasner.

Abstract paintings are admired by art collectors, interior decorators and contemporary art lovers. This art genre is versatile, giving a lot of freedom to it’s creators and possibly that is the reason why it is so popular throughout the world and is really time resistant.

Abstract expressionist painting always makes a statement, especially when created in large format. It usually dominates the space and captures viewers attention, inviting him to enjoy and  explore the artwork in detail.

Besides, expressive paintings are often created in vibrant colors and deep layers that take the viewers on a pleasant meditative journey. This genre always had a large audience and, I believe, will continue to.

2. Minimalist Abstract Art

Elegant strokes, minimal lines, few shapes and modest colours, lots of white – such is minimalist art. It has always had it’s admirers, since the era of Piet Mondrian and Kazimir Malevich. 

The artists, who create minimalist artworks, aim to reduce and simplify the subjects and emphasize the colors and/or shapes. Meanwhile, the viewers are always challenged to comprehend what is the idea behind minimalist paintings and that might be the reason why it is and will remain popular.

Such abstractions compliment minimalist interiors perfectly. And minimalist interior design seems to be popular forever. That is why minimalist art will stay popular as well. It would be difficult to imagine a Scandinavian, Japandi or Wabi-Sabi interiors without it.

3. Optical Art

We are all fascinated by optical illusions and optical art, or so called Op Art that catches the viewer’s eye and does not let go. Repeated geometric shapes, canonical colours and shades create optical illusions of movement. Such artworks trick our brain and the longer we look, the more non-existent things we see. 

This abstract art style requires a lot of skills and patience, it takes a lot of time to create and definitely not everyone can own it, because original optical artworks will always be expensive, especially in large formats.

Such art is not so massively popular as abstract expressionism or minimalism, it is rather a niche that has it’s loyal audience and I am sure, will maintain a circle of its admirers in the future. 

4. Abstract Landscapes

Sea and mountains, forests and dunes are typical subjects of abstract landscapes. Why are they so popular and will remain among the most popular abstract genres? 

Well, there are a lot of people who just love a calming landscape in their living room or bedroom, but abstract landscapes are different from traditional ones. They are modern, kind of mysterious and challenge the viewers by inviting them to peaceful meditation by exploring the artwork.

5. Abstract Cityscapes

The citiscapes are popular for a similar reason as landscapes; it’s just that their subject is different – it is the city. 

By taking a longer look at an abstract cityscape you will see buildings, flashing city lights and possibly a few figures passing by. 

Abstract cityscapes are popular among young people, because they are dynamic, reflecting realities of a busy city life.

6. Geometric Art

It’s all about shapes. Our brain likes familiar things – be it a music chord or a shape – that’s why so many people are fascinated by geometric art. 

It also perfectly unites with abstraction and minimalism, compliments modern interiors nicely and is quite discrete. 

Definitely there will always be people who require that kind of art and that is why it will always stay in trend.

7. Black and White Abstractions 

It is worth mentioning the black and white colour scheme separately, because it has been really popular since the times of Franz Kline. All the styles mentioned in this article can be created in black and white – be it a minimalist or expressionist painting, geometric art or abstract landscape. 

Black and white is popular in interior decor and is loved by art buyers and designers because it fits any colour scheme. It is extremely easy to decorate with black and white art and that is the key to it’s everlasting success.

So time flies, but abstract art stays. Whether you are looking for an abstract artwork to decorate your home, or are thinking about starting an art collection, let me assure you that abstract art is definitely a good investment. 

The feeling of owning an original work of art is really special. It is part of your identity and an important part of your aesthetic and intellectual journey.

Of course, the art world is always changing and evolving and there might be new forms and styles of abstract art popping into the art scene. Artists continue to experiment with techniques and mediums, so I would advise to stay curious. Visit exhibitions, browse online art galleries, go to art fairs to discover new art and develop your taste. 

The explorations of the art world are always interesting and exciting. It inspires and broadens your thinking, besides, you get to meet new interesting people and can introduce yourself to the artists. So keep your eyes and mind open, explore and discover.

I hope you found this article interesting and if you are considering buying an artwork and wondering where to find original abstract art for sale please visit our online gallery, where you will find original artworks and reasonable prices.

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