7 Essential Tips You Need to Know Before Buying a New Apple Mobile

Apple mobile phones in India maintain a niche market. Due to product pricing, such phones are suitable for a select few alone. A report claims that Apple iPhones occupied around 3.35% of the nation’s entire smartphone market. 

Still, each of its launches possesses state of the art technology and features. An interested buyer might find it challenging to choose between these options.

Must-know tips would prove to be an excellent guide for purchasing a new Apple mobile

  • Choose the appropriate screen size

Screen size is a big concern for several interested buyers. Some prefer the options where one-handed mode becomes easier, while others prefer devices with the biggest of screens. Apple mobiles come in a wide variety of display sizes. For instance, iPhone XR comes with a 6.1-inch screen, whereas iPhone 11 Pro Max has a bulkier 6.5-inch screen.

  • Select the best screen type

Besides the raw dimensions, the type of iPhone screen is also another important factor to consider. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus has HD retina displays, while iPhone X has a Super Retina display. The display of iPhone X produces rich colours and life-like clarity images due to OLED and HDR display technologies.

  • Get help with the price

Price is often a big concern for smartphone buyers. iPhones are generally on the costlier side. Even so, convenient financing opportunities ensure that purchasing such a device does not unnecessarily strain your finances. Interested buyers can avail of the EMI Network Card services from Bajaj Finserv through which they can finance the purchase at zero cost EMI.

  • Opt for the best camera

Besides numerous exciting camera features, Apple has recently included a Portrait Lighting feature to its Portrait Mode. This enhances the quality of portrait shots by providing lighting similar to that in a studio. The iPhone 8 Plus or the iPhone X have a second telephoto lens that aids in better zooming and helps produce portraits identical to those taken from a DSLR.

  • Verify the home button feature

Apple has recently removed the home button feature on iPhone X. This means that the apple mobile would have to be controlled through gestures. Many individuals prefer this home button feature. Such individuals must check for this feature before purchasing a new iPhone.

  • Experience augmented reality

The Augmented Reality kit of an iPhone allows its users to experience immersive gameplay. This kit is available on iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. In addition to this, iPhone X has a front TrueDepth camera that allows face mapping to transform a user’s image into an Animoji version.

  • Check for the FaceID feature

According to Apple, FaceID ensures enhanced protection when compared to simple Touch ID. iPhone X has the FaceID feature. Unlocking the phone and authenticating payments are some of the areas where this feature is used.

The iPhone possesses numerous world-class features, but these come at a high price. However, the EMI Network Card from Bajaj Finance would be an ideal option for all the interested buyers. This card offers flexible tenor, which range from 3 to 24 months.

One can also opt to shop from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store which allows shopping without any documentation procedure.

These financing options ensure that individuals interested to buy an iPhone can do so without any economic hindrance. Nevertheless, one should keep in mind the above seven tips before purchasing an Apple mobile.

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