The only downside to being a non-powerful passport, such as one from the Philippines one of the reasons is that we must apply for visas to certain countries, such as those of the USA, Canada, Japan, China, Schengen Countries and many more.

A standard requirement for visas is the requirement of a Bank Statement or a Bank Certificate. The primary reason to have an account with a bank statement visa is to allow the embassy to verify that you have cash to go to the country. Furthermore, if you’ve got funds, it will not lead to you working illegally as you’ve used the account. You can also use the money you earn in their country and aid their economy.

But what happens if you don’t have a financial institution? But don’t fret since even if you don’t have any bank accounts it is still possible to travel to countries that require visas. How? This is the reason this article is all about We’ll tell you how to get a visa in the absence of an account in a savings account!

1. Submit Proof Of Your Business Or Certificate Of Employment

Being a professional or having a job is a way to earn regular income or get money every month. However, you don’t transfer it with a bank, however, you may have other ways to save it, perhaps through piggy banks or other investment options.

If you’re new and are not yet registered, you may submit copies of your quarterly or monthly percent tax payment (Form 1701 and 1701Q) in order to show your gross income . The Embassy can assess from that how much you earn.

If you’re an owner of an online company You can provide the screenshot of your website and the transactions that you’ve done in a month. Also, you can submit the remittances you have made or any evidence of income. But I strongly suggest that you register and pay your taxes to ensure more streamlined visa applications in the near future.

For Employees:
* Employment Certificate
* Income Tax Return

Employers who do not have bank accounts can present a maximum of 6-3 months of pay slips, which can be used as evidence of the funds you’re receiving. If there is an ATM you are able to use your account for payroll.

However, if you are an online freelancer – you can send a copy of the contract for your client or a certificate of employment, if none, a screenshot of your e-mails/conversations and PayPal transaction or remittances. However, I would suggest that you register and pay taxes to ensure an easier visa application in the near future.

2. Get A Sponsor for bank statement

The term “sponsor” refers to someone who’s willing to assist you financially. This could include your partner family members, parents, relatives, or family members. If there is a person who sponsors you then you’ll need a guarantee letter or signed “Affidavit of Support.” Check to see if the sponsor’s bank accounts are open because instead of your own you’ll need to submit your bank account of your sponsor’s Certificate as well as a Bank Statement along with other proofs of financial capability (Business certificates or employment certificate).

3. Show Proof Of Property Ownership

You may present copies of any property that you own. This could be considered an asset and the embassy will verify that you have roots within your home country. It is possible to present titles to land, condominium unit Titles or Investment on Stocks or a car Registration and this will prove your case that money invested may not be stored in a bank account, yet that you have invested it in a responsible manner. If you are also an owner of an Cooperative in which you have your savings, you may inquire if they will give you a certification that you’re an active member and have your savings capitalized to XX.

Property ownership doesn’t just aid in proving your financial capabilities but also prove your connection to your country. Read more about the seven ways on how to prove deep Connections to Your Country.

4. Show Other Sources Of Income

In the event that you earn other income sources, include them as additional evidence. If, for instance, you’re leasing a portion of your house, you can provide a contract of Lease. If you work part-time particularly online You can also provide evidence of your transactions and remittances. If you are receiving an allowance per month from your spouse, you may also provide 3 months worth of receipts when you submit the process of applying for your visa.

5. Make A Cover Letter for bank statement

A cover letter or Letter of explanation can assist you in completing the process of completing your Visa Application. It is possible to include in the letter your explanation of the reasons. Why you are not able to meet your requirements particularly bank accounts. And why this particular person is sponsoring you, and the reason you would like to the country.

If they are able to understand the letter could give you an opportunity to be accepted. However, should they be confused. They might refuse you a visa. If you need assistance, Jonathan offers a service called cover letter Writing Service. Which you can utilize for a variety of Visa Applications (you just have to make edits).

A bank account that isn’t open is an issue when it comes to applying for visas. However, having no bank account won’t stop you from having the chance to get a visa for the country. That you’ve always dreamed of.

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