20 Best and Helpful Math Websites for Students and Teachers

When games are involved in math centers, the experience is much more enjoyable. On these 5 websites, your students can play fun and educational math games, which are accompanied by 15 websites for teachers. There is something for everyone on these websites, from sorting and counting to fractions and tessellations. Students will find exciting new ways to learn math concepts by selecting from several engaging games and activities. In this article, we will tell you about 20 helpful math websites for Students and Teachers. Let’s Start

Using these free math websites for kids can be incorporated into a variety of teaching methods. They can be used to provide a focused learning environment in the classroom. During indoor recess or after a test or assignment is completed, students should be encouraged to play math games. Visiting these websites can also be beneficial to homeschool students. Moreover, the games themselves are also fun, so these kid-friendly websites can be fun to use at home or in school during their downtime.

15 Helpful Math Websites For Teacher

Prodigy Math Game

Hundreds of millions of students, teachers, and administrators trust Prodigy Math Game – an engaging, curriculum-aligned math platform.

This game covers Grades 1 through 8. Your lesson plans can be reinforced and supplemented by in-game content.

While learning math at their own pace, Prodigy will also automatically differentiate according to each student’s individual difficulties. The program offers questions in words, images, graphs, and numbers, as well as presenting them using numbers.

You can use reports to examine player progress and issues to inform in-class lessons. You can count it on one of the best math websites which can help you to solve mathematics problems. Give it a try!


Join TES if you haven’t already done so – it has more than 7 million members, making it the largest online teaching community.

A variety of tools, including worksheets and reports, can be accessed through TES. The website includes standard materials as well as posts that offer helpful hints. You will also find helpful lesson ideas and niche topics, such as teaching math to students at varying skill levels. It should be easy for you to navigate the website as well. On the homepage, you’ll see trending searches along with the grade-level-appropriate resources.

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Teachers can use TeacherVision’s math resources to connect math with a variety of other subjects.

The arts, geography, and history fit into this category. The Great Wall of China can be used as the topic of activity for grades 3 through 5. The resource collection includes printable rulers and measurement conversion tables for students from kindergarten through grade 12. If you are not a registered user, you cannot pair them with TeacherVision’s lesson plans.


Essentially, TeacherTube is a simplified version of YouTube that targets education-related topics.

Choose a topic or browse by category to find what you’re looking for. Videos for use in a lesson or as a learning station can be found quickly on this page. Using the search term “middle school algebra” is likely to turn up study guides, lesson plans, and exam recommendations. TeacherTube also has some videos geared specifically towards students and parents.

Math TV

To view videos that demonstrate how to solve various equations step-by-step, join Math TV.

Videos illustrating relevant examples can be played after introducing a concept. In the “Rates and Unit Pricing” section, for instance, you will find questions of different difficulty levels. In the first case, you have to divide. For the second case, you have to multiply. Buying a book gives you access to Math TV videos; Math TV started as a textbook.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Learn about a range of activities for students on the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives, which include digital objects like coins and blocks.

The online library was created by Utah State University with the sole objective of engaging students. A specific goal is to encourage teachers to offer more activities to students. Students in pre-kindergarten through grade 12 will find manipulation tasks in the library. As an example, Geoboards are used to demonstrate concepts related to the area, perimeter, and rational numbers in a grade 6 geometry activity.

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SuperKids lets you create custom worksheets, so you can supplement your lessons, preview and review them effectively.

Creating is a straightforward process. According to the website, telling time and comprehending the order of operations are among the skills listed. You can then set the number of questions on the worksheet, the lowest and highest numbers that will appear in the questions, and the frequency that the questions appear. You can generate an accompanying answer sheet with one click.

Math Goodies

Interactive math lessons and tasks are available on Math Goodies.

Students can read a walkthrough that includes examples about how to order decimals, for example. The walkthrough will end with a series of exercises designed to test their understanding of the content. The site also features articles, word problems, and puzzles that complement the lessons to appeal to a range of different learners. Creating customized worksheets is also possible through the website.


You can access free worksheets at Math-Aids instead of SuperKids.

One hundred and twenty unique worksheets cover almost 100 topics. In the higher grades, this game has more skills appropriate to the higher grade levels, despite the fewer customization options than SuperKids’. The Pythagorean theorem is one example of a worksheet. Additionally, you can make word games and problems, helping to support various learning styles.

Khan Academy

You can find free practice materials and video lessons on the math page of Khan Academy.

There are sections of the website for grades and subjects, so you can find additional material as needed. Printed or shared articles can help you review skills before tests, for example. Several skills are based on algebra, geometry, and statistics. A total of 20,000 videos and thousands of resources are available in the online academy.

Wolfram MathWorld

Almost 13,000 resources are available on Wolfram MathWorld – derived from almost a decade of assembling.

The site’s administration adds new problems, examples, and definitions to this library on daily basis. High school students will find some of these resources very useful, while teachers and educators can study and refer to them whenever necessary. Additionally, you can download these resources to read offline as well.


SMILE (Science and Math Initiative for Learning Enhancement) offers almost 900 math and science lessons going back to 1997.

Although the site appears to be from the 1990s, content has not been uploaded since 2006. The United States is home to many teachers who can provide relevant lessons for your curriculum. Each sets forth an objective and strategy for teaching it depending on where you are in the educational process. As such, SMILE continues to turn out to be an excellent resource for lesson ideas.

Online Chart Tool

By incorporating charts into worksheets, presentations, and other materials, you can target visual learners.

The website simplifies the process of creating charts by providing you with a step-by-step procedure for entering data, customizing labels, and changing the design. Further, speed up the process by uploading a CSV file with the data you wish to enter. It’s possible to create both common charts, such as line graphs, and uncommon ones, such as radar charts, with the tool.

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Daily Starters

Create an entry ticket for your solo or group work via Scholastic’s Daily Starters page every day.

Prekindergarten through grade 8 are included in the curriculum. Questions about math and English have usually included as well as some facts about other subjects. Daily Starters are often printed or projected onto whiteboards by teachers. There are a variety of ways to utilize entry tickets in lessons – including as part of learning stations.

Get the Math

Use Get the Math to teach your students how math can be applied in various career fields and real-world settings.

The website features videos illustrating how young professionals use algebra. We propose it for middle school and high school students. The video shows two teams of students being presented with job-related challenges. You can expose your class to algebraic concepts by encouraging them to take the challenges. You can use this method to vary the material in your lessons quite simply.

5 Helpful math websites for students

Check out these other high-quality resources to help students understand challenging math topics in addition to the math resources above. Students and kids can use these sites to learn math at home easily.

In addition to learning basic math concepts like addition, subtraction, division, and more, these books can be very useful.


There are math games, articles, and problems on NRICH, a university project based in Cambridge.

Divided into US grade levels and UK key stages, the site provides resources that are aligned with standard curricula. Using the time and subsequent equations page, a third-grade student could find information about telling time. NRICH also offers the “Ask NRICH” feature, where students can ask questions, and mathematicians can provide answers. NRICH is one of the best websites for students to learn math. So count on it!

WolframAlpha Math

WolframAlpha Math makes it easy for students to solve equations by showing each step as they solve equations, just like a scientific calculator.

Graphs, images, and written explanations will be employed as needed. Please keep in mind that you cannot enter your own equations at the moment. Therefore, students cannot solve specific questions using WolframAlpha Math. Nevertheless, you can print out equations from the website and solve them in class to do a little review.

AAA Math

If you want to provide your students with online math practice, mention AAA Math.

This not-for-profit website provides students with access to math questions ranging from counting to evaluating negative exponents without requiring them to create an account.

Students can immediately see if they have answered correctly or incorrectly through the math site. As a result, the right answer will be revealed. Additionally, questions are requiring you to read and draw words.

Math Is Fun

Make Math Fun a part of elementary and middle school curriculums.

Students will have an easier time remembering content thanks to the website’s cartoon characters and concise sentences. In addition to exercises that cover math skills, this game includes puzzles and games. It also offers a section devoted to lesson ideas, which may appeal to teachers.

Math Open Reference

In Math Open Reference, you can find examples and explanations that suit younger students, as opposed to Wolfram MathWorld.

Visitors can find information about angle measurement on a page, for instance. They provide an interactive protractor tool to allow users to measure degrees, radians, and minutes. A list of related questions and topics follows this section. Graphing and scientific calculators are also available in Math Open Reference.


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