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10 Methods To Fix Outlook Cannot Log On Error

Are you a regular user of Outlook or frequently use it for your business communications? Outlook manages calendars, contacts, and other details along with tracking all their tasks and allowing them to send and receive messages. But, what if Outlook prevents you from login into your account; shows certain log-in errors? Relax! We are providing you 10 methodas, by which you will be able to fix Outlook log-in errors. After going through all these straightforward methods, you won’t have to worry about “what if outlook won’t let me sign in” 

Method 1. Delete your Email account

If you are facing errors like “Can’t sign in to Outlook” or “Can’t log in to Outlook” there might be some issues with your Outlook account. You just need to delete the problematic Outlook email or the profile and add it again. 

  • Then, Start “Control Panel”
  • Secendoly, Locate “Mail”
  • Select “Email Accounts”
  • Moreover, Select the account you wish to remove
  • Click on the “remove account” button and confirm it.
  • After removing the account, add it again. 

Method 2. Remove your Outlook Profile 

  • Open the “Control Panel”
  • In addition to that, Navigate “Mail”
  • Next, Select “Show profile”
  • Choose the Outlook profile and remove it 
  • After removing, add the profile again. 

Method 3. Remove files from Outlook directory 

  • Press “Windows key+ R” 
  • Now enter “%localappadata% 
  • Next, Click on “OK” 
  • Also, Locate “Microsoft Outlook directory” 
  • Remove “XML” and “tmp” files with other directory files. 

Method 4. Modify your Outlook Registry

  • Firstly back your registry by File> Export > All
  • You need to press “Windows+ R” and, now enter “Regedit”
  • Press Enter Key 
  • Then, navigate “HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOfficex.0OutlookAutoDiscover” in the left pane; “ExcludeLastKnownGoodUrl” in the right pane
  • Press  the “Enter” and set the value data to 1 

Method 5. Delete the Outlook key from the registry 

  • Back up your registry from Registry Editor 
  • Afterwards, Locate HKEY_CURRENT_USERSOFTWAREMicrosoftOffice16.0OutlookProfilesOutlook” in the left pane 
  • Furthermore, select Outlook key from the right pane
  • Locate the menu and select “Delete”
  • Confirm the delete process 

Method 6. Exchange Proxy Settings or Enable Outlook everywhere/Anywhere

  • Locate “More Settings” 
  • Click on “Connection”
  • Under this section, enable “Outlook Anywhere/ Exchange Proxy Settings

Method 7. Let Exchange configure your account 

If the “can’t sign in to Outlook” issue persists, you may have been using Outlook on manual mode. To fix the issues, allow Exchange to configure your account. 

In addition, you need to provide all the necessary login credentials while creating your Outlook account. So,  it will fix the issue. 

Method 8. Edit the .xtml file of your account

  • Open “Outlook”
  • Create a POP proxy profile without information
  • Next, hold the “ctrl” key for a while and press on the Outlook icon while choosing “Test E-Mail AutoConfiguration” 
  • Provide your email address and password 
  • Hit the “Test” icon
  • Allow “AutoDiscover” 
  • Now navigate the “XML” tab 
  • Next, Copy the output there
  • Also, Locate “%localappdata%MicrosoftOutlook16”
  • Open the .xml file with notepad
  • In addition, Remove everything and then paste the output you copied from Auto Configuration 
  • Save changes and Done!

Method 9. Make .xml files to read-only 

  • Open “Menu”
  • Locate .xml files and click on properties
  • Under Attributes section, click on “Read-only” > “Apply” > “OK”

Method 10. Update the DNS records

  • Locate the “” 
  • Start “Admin Control Panel”
  • Press on “Find and Fix issues”
  • Now update your DNS records 

Method 11. Fix Navigation Pane 

  • Open “Run” by clicking on “Windows Key+ R”
  • Now fill in space “Outlook.exe/resetnavpane”
  • Press the “Enter” key or “Ok” 
  • It will restart Outlook to troubleshoot the Outlook login issues. 

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Don’t forget to write back and share these solutions with your friends or whoever needs them. Stay tuned! Stay safe!

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